Changes in ShoutCMS v6.28.0R20210128


This document contains the release notes for ShoutCMS v6.28.0R20210128. The release only applies to instances of ShoutCMS 6.2.x or greater. If you are using another version of Shout (5.8.x, 6.0.x) and want to learn more, please contact our support team.

Please note that new features are not always enabled by default. Contact our support team if there are specific features that you wish to add to your website.

Functionality Added or Changed

New Feature: Added eTransfer and CustomPayment Payment Processors (Feature #6015).
New Feature: Allow UI blocks on certain system pages (Feature #6025).
New Feature: Added Global Notifications to the website-create button (Feature #5995).
New Feature: Share Transaction to Google, Yahoo, ICS/iCal (Feature #5429).
New Feature: Share Pages/Articles/Products to Google, Yahoo, ICS/iCal (Feature #5966).
New Feature: Added Duration to the User-Profile screen (Feature #5994).
Enhancement: Improved behaviour of the store when there are no Payment Processors enabled (Enhancement #6017).
Enhancement: Removed publisher and author date from modify Page/Article/Product screens (Enhancement #6020).
Enhancement: "Simple" order search (top of Online Orders screen) will now include all order types (Enhancement #6021).
Enhancement: Removed date column from files list (Enhancement #6022).
Enhancement: Improved handling of international phone numbers in checkout (Enhancement #6028).
Enhancement: Improved Shipping / Payment Processor interface in the Administration Console (Enhancement #5980).
Enhancement: Improved the background of the "View Invoice" screen (Enhancement #5984).
Enhancement: Styling enhancements to the Admin Bar on site front (while logged in as an Administrator) (Enhancement #5987).
Enhancement: New icons for Payment Processors (Enhancement #5999).
Enhancement: Added links in Settings for "Manage my ShoutCMS Sites" and "Theme Designer" (Enhancement #6004).
Enhancement: Improved fullscreen carousel loading speed (Enhancement #6006).
Enhancement: Improved product-option styling (Enhancement #6008).
Enhancement: Improved front-end forms to avoid unnecessary warnings about re-submitting the page (Enhancement #6010).
Enhancement: Allow for longer option titles in Forms (Enhancement #6011).
Enhancement: New spinner control for quantities (Enhancement #5973).

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix: Fixed discount hover tooltip in Administration Console (Bug #6014).
Bug Fix: Fixed crashing that would occur in Administration Console with very large forms (Bug #6023).
Bug Fix: Fixed crashing that would occur when changing a list's layout on the front end (Bug #5964).
Bug Fix: Removed non-functioning column sort under My Account (Bug #5965).
Bug Fix: Fixed crashing that would occur when changing the site status between live/maintenance/coming soon (Bug #5967).
Bug Fix: Front end would crash on browsers that did not have their user-agent set (Bug #5968).
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with releasing pre-auth captures on cards (Bug #5970).
Bug Fix: "Same email as contact" will now be checked by default when creating transactions in the Administration Console (Bug #5971).
Bug Fix: Fixed Global Payments RealEx crashing when users were not logged in (Bug #5979).
Bug Fix: Fixed styling issues on Online Orders screen (Bug #6001).
Bug Fix: Changed user-browser search from "exact match" to "starts with" (Bug #5983).
Bug Fix: Fixed missing stock messages / counts on site front (Bug #5992).
Bug Fix: Various fixes to the ratings system (Bug #6000).
Bug Fix: Various fixes to theme designer (Bug #6002).
Bug Fix: Fixed dasboard Contacts-count (Bug #6007).
Bug Fix: Fixed various wordings and mis-spellings (Bug #6003).
Bug Fix: Fixed forms showing as being attached to deleted pages under the Administration Console (Bug #6012).
Bug Fix: Fixes to the WYSIWYG Editor on the "Modify Form" screen (Bug #5981).
Bug Fix: Fixed "duplicate path" exception that would occur when bulk-printing Transactions (Bug #5976).