Changes in ShoutCMS v6.26.0R20200702


This document contains the release notes for ShoutCMS v6.26.0R20200702. The release only applies to instances of ShoutCMS 6.2.x or greater. If you are using another version of Shout (5.8.x, 6.0.x) and want to learn more, please contact our support team.

Functionality Added or Changed

Enhancement: Checkout-step headers are now links (Enhancement #5872).
Enhancement: Improved font loading in the Theme Designer (Enhancement #5884).
Enhancement: Improved Contact Import performance (Enhancement #5912).

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix: Script tags were being removed from the WYSIWYG Editor (Bug #5873).
Bug Fix: Gallery indicators and arrows were shown even if there was only one image in the Gallery (Bug #5882).
Bug Fix: Incorrect search results when using hyphenated words (Bug #5916).
Bug Fix: Galleries were being double-loaded in some situations when using CloudFlare (Bug #5920).