Changes in ShoutCMS v6.23.11R20200310


This document contains the release notes for ShoutCMS v6.23.11R20200310. The release only applies to instances of ShoutCMS 6.2.x or greater. If you are using another version of Shout (5.8.x, 6.0.x) and want to learn more, please contact our support team.

Functionality Added or Changed

New Feature: Added Global Discounts and Promotions (Feature #5576).
New Feature: Added Markdown support for long-text fields on Forms (Feature #5585).
New Feature: Added Markdown support for Product Option extras on Transactions (Feature #5524).
New Feature: Added Author and Published Date fields to Articles (Feature #5728).
Enhancement: Promotions & Discounts will now display the number of Live Promotions instead of Active (Enhancement #5602).
Enhancement: Promotions & Discounts summary list enhancements: Various changes to fields and headings (Enhancement #5604).
Enhancement: Promotions & Discounts reports enhancements: Various changes to defaults (Enhancement #5605).
Enhancement: Removed column titles at the bottom of the form fields table in the Forms editor (Enhancement #5622).
Enhancement: A summary will now be displayed when hovering over a discounted price (Enhancement #5628).
Enhancement: Migration to new Sparkpost endpoint for Mass Mail (Enhancement #5589).
Enhancement: Upgraded WYSIWYG Editor to version 5.1.1. Numerous bug-fixes and enhancements included. (Enhancement #5657).
Enhancement: Added functionality to un-delete Pages, Articles and Products. (Enhancement #5677).
Enhancement: Checking out with a Subscription Product will force the user to create or sign into an account. (Enhancement #5690).
Enhancement: Each Payment Method can now support multiple Payment Processors. (Enhancement #5643).
Enhancement: Prevent users from modifying deleted/superseded Discounts. (Enhancement #5705).
Enhancement: Gallery performance optimizations and improvements. (Enhancement #5720).
Enhancement: Forms performance optimizations and improvements. (Enhancement #5722).
Enhancement: Performance improvements when saving Forms on sites with large Form trees. (Enhancement #5762).
Enhancement: Improved logging for the payment processor. (Enhancement #5764).
Enhancement: Improved navigation performance. (Enhancement #5727).
Enhancement: When processing Transactions in the Administration Console, the Cell Number will be sent to the Payment Gateway if the Phone Number is not available. (Enhancement #5735).
Enhancement: Added option to send a notification email when cancelling or completing Transactions. (Enhancement #5758).
Enhancement: Fonticons are now supported in the WYSIWYG Editor. (Enhancement #5785).

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix: Product Options were not visible with the Add to Quote button enabled and the Add to Cart button disabled (Bug #5586).
Bug Fix: The title of the files-download area was not visible with the Button layout selected (Bug #5588).
Bug Fix: Some panels would not properly change size when the browser window was resized (Bug #5290).
Bug Fix: Stripe Payment Gateway would crash upon receiving a certain response code (Bug #5595).
Bug Fix: Add to Compare checkbox would still display in some cases after switching the feature off (Bug #5597).
Bug Fix: Add to Compare checkbox was missing on some layouts (Bug #5598).
Bug Fix: Editing and saving existing Promotions could cause Shout to crash (Bug #5608).
Bug Fix: Deleted and superseded Promotions were visible when applying promotions to a Product or Category (Bug #5613).
Bug Fix: The width of the WYSIWYG Editor would continuously increase in some situations (Bug #5618).
Bug Fix: Markdown editor was not functioning correctly in Internet Explorer (Bug #5621).
Bug Fix: Connection issues with Canada Post Sellonline service (Bug #5633).
Bug Fix: Page-cloning did not work correctly when Sales & Discounts were applied (Bug #5636).
Bug Fix: Shout would crash when removing a line-item from a Transaction that had a Promotion associated with it (Bug #5647).
Bug Fix: Searching for Tags that contained negative or decimal (floating-point) numbers did not return the expected results (Bug #5649).
Bug Fix: Replaced error message "The input was not found in the haystack" with "Invalid card number" (Bug #5652).
Bug Fix: Form fields of type Date were causing Forms to crash (Bug #5660).
Bug Fix: Changed the ShoutCMS custom Shipping Method to calculate the shipping rate using the total quantity of line items instead of the number of line items (Bug #5666).
Bug Fix: Uploading a file on two sites simultaneously could cause both uploads to fail (Bug #5667).
Bug Fix: Deleted Products were included in the quick-search on the Inventory page of the Administration Console (Bug #5676).
Bug Fix: Certain deleted Contacts would continue to reserve their email address although they were not visible in the Administration Console (Bug #5678).
Bug Fix: The Generate Subscription Invoice button did not update the recurred Sale/Discount of the target Recurring Package (Bug #5669).
Bug Fix: The Billing Cycles input boxes of line items on the Modify Transaction page were not functioning as expected (Bug #5669).
Bug Fix: The lookahead counts for Tags were not always accurate (Bug #5684).
Bug Fix: The global currency prefix/suffix would not show on Products that did not have the local setting enabled (Bug #5691).
Bug Fix: The Payment Gateway now uses the correct API URL (Bug #5692).
Bug Fix: The Payment Gateway now handles Fraud Detection correctly (Bug #5756).
Bug Fix: Updating line items on existing Transactions that did not have a discount applied would cause Shout to crash (Bug #5696).
Bug Fix: Exporting Orders with Line Items that contained discounts would cause Shout to crash (Bug #5697).
Bug Fix: The Global Payments Payment Gateway did not properly handle transactions that had failed due to security features (Bug #5702).
Bug Fix: The initial setup page did not display correctly in Firefox (Bug #5712).
Bug Fix: It was not possible to save an existing Discount with a fractional value (Bug #5713).
Bug Fix: Content Templates (Snippets) would not show table borders after being dropped in to the WYSIWYG Editor (Bug #5715).
Bug Fix: Snippets sidebar was showing deleted Snippets (Bug #5717).
Bug Fix: Purchase Orders were missing information if they created from the Inventory search page (Bug #5718).
Bug Fix: The top Checkout link would take the user to the Order checkout instead of the Quote checkout if Add to Cart was disabled and Add to Quote enabled. (Bug #5729).
Bug Fix: Certain characters cause the Product Import to crash. (Bug #5038).
Bug Fix: Pages were not saved when creating new Site Access Roles. (Bug #5745).
Bug Fix: Site Access Roles could be deleted with Pages attached. (Bug #5746).
Bug Fix: The PayPal Payment Gateway was not using the correct IPN URL. (Bug #5757).
Bug Fix: The List Gallery Layout was not displaying images. (Bug #5767).
Bug Fix: Users could not continue in checkout if the Email same as username checkbox was checked. (Bug #5769).