Changes in ShoutCMS v6.16.3.M20190104


This document contains the release notes for ShoutCMS v6.16.3.M20190104. The release only applies to instances of ShoutCMS 6.2.x or greater. If you are using another version of Shout (5.8.x, 6.0.x) and want to learn more, please contact our support team.

This release was only pushed to a small number of sites. The updates listed here will also be included in the next release.

Functionality Added or Changed

New Feature: Added credit card pre-authorization feature (Feature #5260).
New Feature: Added Advanced Pricing and price prefix/suffix to Products (Feature #5265).

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Enhancement: Moved the Create actions from their own buttons to under a single Create button (Enhancement #5295).
Enhancement: Added the Remove Item button to the cart (Enhancement #5351).
Enhancement: Enhancements to search indexing (Enhancement #5301).
Enhancement: Enhancements to hover buttons (Enhancement #5303).
Enhancement: Removed Help section from the Product Import display. Refer to this page for detailed instructions (Enhancement #5273).
Enhancement: The first available Shipping Method will be selected during Checkout if none was selected yet (Enhancement #5275).
Enhancement: Sales can be limited to a number of uses per visitor (Enhancement #5270).
Enhancement: Added Global Upsell Products (Enhancement #5316).
Enhancement: Improved handling of invalid image types (Enhancement #5327).
Enhancement: Product Description will be added to Transactions created in the Administration Console (Enhancement #5332).
Enhancement: The Contact Importer will now generate an error if it cannot determine the country or province (Enhancement #5333).
Enhancement: Improved the WYSIWYG Editor's handling of custom CSS (Enhancement #5339).
Enhancement: Upgrade from FontAwesome 4 to FontAwesome 5 (Enhancement #5317).
Enhancement: The Member Search will now treat the default permission-level as No Access rather than Public (Enhancement #5336).
Enhancement: Added support for OpenIdConnect login processor (Enhancement #5347).
Enhancement: Added wait indicators to the Checkout as well as double-click prevention (Enhancement #5356).
Enhancement: Design enhancements for Checkout on mobile devices (Enhancement #5367).
Enhancement: Various enhancements to Checkout for mobile devices (Enhancement #5375).
Enhancement: Added float-labels to Checkout fields, enhancements to credit card fields (Enhancement #5382).
Enhancement: Upgraded JQuery from version 1 to version 3 (Enhancement #5383).
Bug Fix: The PsiGate Payment Processor will now handle decimal points in the "Items" column (Enhancement #5350).
Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where payment methods would be available even without a Payment Processor (Bug #5266).
Bug Fix: Fixed a bug related to screenshots for Content Templates (Bug #5283).
Bug Fix: Shout was crashing after cloning a Page/Article/Product (Bug #5323).
Bug Fix: Fixed a crash that would occur when exporting search results as CSV (Bug #5329).
Bug Fix: Transactions processed with PayPal were not being marked as Sent after successful processing (Bug #5343).
Bug Fix: Fixed a crash that would occur during Checkout when using Internet Explorer (Bug #5363).
Bug Fix: Some Galleries were only displaying small images (Bug #5368).
Bug Fix: Fixed the region selector on iOS (Bug #5374).
Bug Fix: Credit card fields were not available when processing transactions that were originally purchased using an offline payment method (Bug #5379).
Bug Fix: Fixed Google Map in the Contact Profile side-panel (Bug #5384).
Bug Fix: Administrators were unable to log into the Administration Console if they had already logged in as a non-Admin user (Bug #5385).