Changes in ShoutCMS v6.15.0.M20180731


This document contains the release notes for ShoutCMS v6.15.0.M20180731. The release only applies to instances of ShoutCMS 6.2.x or greater. If you are using another version of Shout (5.8.x, 6.0.x) and want to learn more, please contact our support team.

This release was only pushed to a small number of sites. The updates listed here will also be included in the next release.

Functionality Added or Changed

New Feature: Added the ShoutCMS shipping method which provides advanced shipping rate configuration options (Feature #5127).
New Feature: Added the Evo Payment Processor (Feature #5139).
New Feature: Added the StripeConnect Payment Processor (Feature #5198).
New Feature: Added ability to create Content Templates directly from the WYSIWYG Editor (Feature #5182).
New Feature: Added ability to create navigable links (Feature #5185).

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Enhancement: The Global Payments (RealEx) Payment Gateway will now support USD if the Merchant Account is setup to receive funds in USD (Enhancement #5200).
Enhancement: Added GeoLocation functionality to the Member Search (Enhancement #5225).
Enhancement: Added functionality to specify the starting order number under Settings (Enhancement #5213).
Enhancement: Shipping Statements can now be processed (Enhancement #5229).
Enhancement: Improved the interface of the content snippet selector (Enhancement #5156).
Enhancement: Reorganized the WYSIWYG Editor's toolbar (Enhancement #5177).
Enhancement: Special characters are now supported when searching (Enhancement #5181).
Enhancement: Added "Go Back" buttons to all Settings pages (Enhancement #5186).
Enhancement: Added functionality to support multiple instances of the same Payment Gateway (Enhancement #5201).
Enhancement: File Manager will now remember the last path that was opened (Enhancement #5237).
Enhancement: Added support for always-on-SSL cookies, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and module/mode/action URLs (Enhancement #5241).
Enhancement: Added improved security for storing passwords (Enhancement #5242).
Enhancement: Added Link on the List and Side by Side gallery views (Enhancement #5247).
Enhancement: Administration Console redesign (Enhancement #5284).
Bug Fix: The "Go to Cart" button did not function if items were added to the cart after the payment process had started (Bug #5179).
Bug Fix: Removing the featured image of a Gallery did not work in some situations (Bug #5183).
Bug Fix: Screenshots for some Content Templates were too wide (Bug #5196).
Bug Fix: Recaptcha did not work on the custom domain of certain sites (Bug #5202).
Bug Fix: Comments did not always display correctly on the front end (Bug #5227).
Bug Fix: Override CSS files were loaded in the wrong order, resulting in some styling issues (Bug #5230).
Bug Fix: Checkout did not always step forward/back through steps correctly (Bug #5233).
Bug Fix: Users were not able to proceed past the Shipping page in checkout if optional shipping was unchecked (Bug #5235).
Bug Fix: Fixed the alignment of paging buttons on data grids (Bug #5246).
Bug Fix: An invalid phone number will no longer clear the data submitted to the checkout (Bug #5256).
Bug Fix: Eliminated timeout error related to Galleria (Bug #5259).