Changes in ShoutCMS v6.12.0.R20171124


This document contains the release notes for ShoutCMS v6.12.0.R20171124. The release only applies to instances of ShoutCMS 6.2.x or greater. If you are using another version of Shout (5.8.x, 6.0.x) and want to learn more, please contact our support team.

Functionality Added or Changed

New Feature: ShoutCMS Trial Mode (only applies to new installs) (Feature #4869).
New Feature: Screenshots of the templates will be shown when selecting a Content Template (Feature #4903).
New Feature: Welcome Panel in Administration Console dashboard (Feature #4939).
New Feature: New method of appending files to Pages, Articles and Products (Feature #4820).
New Feature: Implemented the new Theme Designer (Feature #4821).
New Feature: Added an optional Transaction Reference Label to the checkout, which allows customers to apply a label/title to an order (Feature #4892).
New Feature: Advanced settings can be collapsed when modifying a Page, Product or Article (Feature #4909).
New Feature: Added "Quick Edit" for Pages, Articles and Products. This can be accessed via the Site-Tree (Feature #4907).
New Feature: Added ShoutCMS Live Support chat to the Administration Console (Feature #4964).
New Feature: Added "always on" SSL (Feature #4969).

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Enhancement: New Date/Time picker under Product Options (Sales & Coupons) (Enhancement #4738).
Enhancement: Updates to Initial Setup screen (Enhancement #4901).
Enhancement: Updates to Administration Console login screen (Enhancement #4902).
Enhancement: Removed the glow from the Administration Console dashboard blocks' titles (Enhancement #4942).
Enhancement: Links in News / Recently Modified Pages section on the Administration Console dashboard will now open in new tabs (Enhancement #4956).
Enhancement: Improved the behaviour of number inputs on the Modify Transaction page (Enhancement #4934).
Enhancement: Improve paragraph behaviour on markdown and WYSIWYG Editor rendering (Enhancement #4988).
Enhancement: Prevent Google and other search engines from indexing quick view buttons (Enhancement #4992).
Enhancement: Make options list of "ListBox" product option display the prices on the right (Enhancement #4857).
Enhancement: Added PayPal BN (Build Notation) tracking code (Enhancement #4884).
Enhancement: Changed the font in the Administration Console to be a system font (Enhancement #4906).
Enhancement: Added timezone to Pickup Shipping configuration (Enhancement #4908).
Enhancement: Added logos for payment & shipping processors (Enhancement #4923).
Enhancement: Change "Home" to "Dashboard" in the Administration Console (Enhancement #4926).
Enhancement: Display the featured image to the right of the title on the "Modify Page" screen in the Administration Console (Enhancement #4937).
Enhancement: Links in the "News" and "Recently Modified Pages, Products and Articles" sections of the Administration Console will now open in new tabs (Enhancement #4956).
Enhancement: Added categorization for Content Templates (Enhancement #4971). Bug Fix: The "Now" button of the Date/Time picker was greyed out, making it appear to be disabled (Bug #4860).
Bug Fix: Spelling errors on Banners screen (Bug #4865).
Bug Fix: Processing payment on an invoice with a name that has two commas causes Shout to crash (Bug #4868).
Bug Fix: URLs not being released when deleting Pages (Bug #4879).
Bug Fix: Deleted Pages / Articles not being restored correctly (Bug #4879).
Bug Fix: Base price and Product Options Price was still visible even when the visibility settings were set to make it inaccessible (Bug #4904).
Bug Fix: Textbox fields on Forms did not take focus when their label was clicked (Bug #4955).
Bug Fix: WYSIWYG Editor did not properly calculate the toolbar height when the browser window was 1249px (Bug #4962).
Bug Fix: When importing Contacts, existing users with a different member-id/username or empty member-id/username were being idenfitied as having a duplicate username (Bug #4977).
Bug Fix: WYSIWYG Editor was not allowing users to remove the background color (Bug #4975).
Bug Fix: Under certain conditions, Products with Sales were causing Pages to crash (Bug #4973).
Bug Fix: Member Search failed if too many groups / identifiers were selected (Bug #4985).
Bug Fix: Email address fields (in Ship/Process Transaction pages) should be hidden when Email checkbox is checked off (Bug #4719).
Bug Fix: Shipping notes not being saved when creating a transaction in Administration Console (Bug #4764).
Bug Fix: Baseprice and Subtotal shouldn't show up when modifiers total is zero or nil (Bug #4900).
Bug Fix: Progress bar was hanging when sending a Mass Email using Chrome (Bug #4910).
Bug Fix: Shout was crashing when the background image for the Administration Console login page could not be loaded (Bug #4943).
Bug Fix: Fixed text wrapping on invoice notification email action buttons (Bug #4952).
Bug Fix: Adding Content Template button was broken (Bug #4960).
Bug Fix: Taxes/shipping not being re-calculated when the number of items in the cart changed (Bug #4983).
Bug Fix: Member search hangs if too many groups/identifiers are selected (Bug #4985).
Bug Fix: Taxes not calculating correctly when creating an order with product options in the Administration Console (Bug #4993).