Changes in ShoutCMS v6.11.4.R20170329


This document contains the release notes for ShoutCMS v6.11.4.R20170329. The release only applies to instances of ShoutCMS 6.2.x or greater. If you are using another version of Shout (5.8.x, 6.0.x) and want to learn more, please contact our support team.

Functionality Added or Changed

New Feature: The TinyMCE editor now supports adding classes to links to make them appear as buttons. When adding a link within the editor, select either "Button Default" or "Button Primary" as the class. Users may need to force-refresh their browser (ctrl+F5) in order to see the links as buttons.
New Feature: ShoutCMS is now compatible with Google Tag Manager. Settings can be found under Settings --> Google Settings.
New Feature: Titles and Captions for Gallery Images now support CommonMark formatting. See this page ( for more information on how to apply formatting to your page using CommonMark. Note: If you were using HTML tags to format text in this area it will no longer display correctly.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Enhancement: Modified the username input field so that phones do not auto-capitalize. This was preventing some users from logging in (Enhancement #4755).
Enhancement: Added max-height to the menu in the Admin Console "Contact Identifiers / Groups" view to prevent the menu from extending past the edge of the screen (Enhancement #4756).
Enhancement: Added information to the mass mail reports related to how many emails were opened (Enhancement #4763).
Enhancement: Changed the "Back to Root" button on the Admin Console "Edit/View Client" page to a person instead of an up/back arrow (Enhancement #4789).
Admin Console Interface: Added max-width to the right-side panel on the "Modify Contact" page. This will prevent the panel from growing past the edge of the screen (Bug #4757).
Admin Console Interface: Decreased the amount of space between the Company Name and the Website on the contact user profile page (Bug #4765).
Admin Console Interface: Removed the borders from the blocks in the "Add Address" page (Bug #4766).
Admin Console Interface: Fixed dropdown menus that were becoming detached from their input boxes and "floating" when the page was scrolled (Bug #4762).
Admin Console Interface: Fixed the "Client Notes" section not loading on the "Modify Contact" page (Bug #4769).
Admin Console Interface: Fixed fatal error that would occur when saving the "Website Status and Error Pages" (Bug #4779).
Admin Console Interface: Setup Admin Console to allow printing of multiple pages (Bug #4782).
Admin Console Interface: Links to email addresses in the admin console will now work in Safari / Apple Mail (Bug #4792).
Bug Fix: Fixed Shipping Notes not saving on new quotes/invoices/orders. Previously, the notes would only save on quotes/invoices/orders that were already in the database (Bug #4768).
Bug Fix: Fixed the "Form Submissions" exporter only exporting 50 records at a time. All selected Form Submissions will now be exported (Bug #4773).
Bug Fix: Fixed handling of special characters. Company names that contained special characters could crash the "Manage Groups" page (Bug #4774).
Bug Fix: Fixed watermark images being converted to jpg format incorrectly. This would cause the watermarks to appear as black boxes (Bug #4778).
Bug Fix: Optimizations made to search indexer (Bug #4783).
Bug Fix: Fixed handling of script tags within the TinyMCE editor (Bug #4784).
Bug Fix: Changed the precision of numbers on the "Modify Transaction" page. Percentages now show two decimal places. Currency precision can be defined in Settings --> Currency Format (Bug #4790).
Bug Fix: Fixed pages with multiple save buttons crashing (Bug #4794).
Bug Fix: Items on the "Shipping Calculation" page will show a % instead of $ next to percentage fields (Bug #4767).
Bug Fix: Shipping notes will now carry over when a quote is converted to an invoice (Bug #4768).