Archived Release Notes

Release Notice for 6.11.4.R20170329

Related issues
Bug #4757: add a max-width to the content of the admin console>contacts>modify_contact right side panel
Bug #4762: Fix bug: jquery-selectmenu's dropdown is detached from the inputbox when users scroll the entire page
Bug #4765: Fix bug: decrease the space between CompanyName and DomainName in UIUserProfilePanel
Bug #4766: Change UI: remove the border of the blocks in Modify Address page
Bug #4767: Bug: Shipping Calculation section should show % instead of $ for percentage fields
Bug #4768: Fix bug: Shipping notes (in order details) is not saving
Bug #4769: Fix bug: client notes texteditor (in modify contact) is not loading
Bug #4773: Fix bug: Form Submissions Exporter should export all selected form submissions
Bug #4774: Fix bug: Company name contains special characters can crash Manage Groups page
Bug #4778: Watermark image was not being added to Images properly due to png being converted to jpg improperly
Bug #4779: Saving error and site status pages results in a fatal error
Bug #4782: admin console would not allow printing of multiple pages
Bug #4783: search indexer had a referenced class which was missing root namespace
Bug #4784: tinymce source view would break script tags
Bug #4790: change the currency and percent number precisions on the admin console modify transaction
Bug #4792: mailto links within the admin console view contacts should now work in safari / apple mail
Bug #4793: super button icon styling should now match the super button theme
Bug #4794: fix duplicate html id attribute for form helper save button
Defect #4787: script/style overrides not allowed in site front transaction (invoice/order/...) view
Defect #4791: Improve the Mercurial order system
Enhancement #4755: add html text input attributes (autocomplete="false") to the username input fields so that mobile phones do not try to auto correct
Enhancement #4756: add max-height to the jquery ui selectmenu in the admin console contacts identifiers/groups view
Enhancement #4763: Add info about opened emails to the newsletter reports
Enhancement #4789: Change the back to root button in the admin console edit/view client from upbackarrow to a person icon
Feature #4780: add capability to create buttons via the tinymce editor and adding classes to links
Feature #4781: superadmin product import xml validator util
Feature #4785: Google Tag Manager Compatibility
Feature #4786: Gallery Captions and Titles now support commonmark
Feature #4788: Admin Console Order Search Grid - New "Abandoned Attempt to Process"

Release Notice for 6.11.3.R20170215 

Related issues
Bug #4715: cloning product with related content (Manage Where this Page is Displayed) cause crashing
Bug #4722: remove the white opaque layer on the top of galleria-shoutcmsazurlarge's thumbnails
Bug #4726: Taxes and Shipping should not be re-calculated or mutable on a saved invoice via the sitefront checkout
Bug #4728: on the bootstrap carousel show the text background for complex backgrounds when the text is not empty
Bug #4735: fix the alignment of username/password label in checkout login area
Bug #4739: the selected value of Placement field is not memorized when cloning a product is failed.
Bug #4744: Fix an issue where mercurial requires names in the format of last name, first name
Bug #4746: The site front search crashes when there are three or less characters in the search term
Bug #4747: fix an issue which would remove the search term from the results in the site front search
Bug #4748: Tweak the order search grid so that we don't count orders without order dates
Bug #4750: fix an error in the site front form submission tool where signup forms with province/country would crash
Bug #4753: fix an error where if a bad invalid phone number is entered the phone number formatter for the shipping and billing summary models would crash
Enhancement #4718: Change product import directory to a private (secured) directory
Enhancement #4721: add new theme for UIFormBlock and apply it to UIUserProfilePanel
Enhancement #4727: Improve security of the ajax handler system by default requiring an Administrator account
Enhancement #4729: remove the tooltip from the regionselection2 down arrow
Enhancement #4734: Improve messaging and error handling in Mass Mail
Enhancement #4736: increase the height of region select's dropdown
Enhancement #4737: change the on/off icon in regions setting page
Enhancement #4740: Allow cloning of Pages and Articles
Enhancement #4741: Upgrade to shout2 updater from shout1 updater
Enhancement #4743: improved crop coordinate calculator
Enhancement #4751: Increase the number of login background images to 70
Feature #4709: implement BeanstreamRest payment processor that use new Beanstream API
Feature #4745: Add FormHelper::drawContainer which is a FormBlock without a header and no_chrome
Task #4707: Look for code that doesn't process quotes/double quotes before injecting them to javascript code, fix them
Task #4742: create a test panel to test FormHelper::drawContainer

Release Notice for 6.11.2.R20170118 

Related issues
Bug #4714: fix an issue where you are unable to add a site front access role from the admin console
Bug #4720: Fix issues with tax and itemized sales report
Bug #4723: Fix bug: all notification emails sent by shout should have Send From as no-reply or send-from preference instead of "Object"
Bug #4724: Fix Reference Info on Line Item Reports
Bug #4730: Fix bug: Yes button in Send Transaction page is broken
Bug #4732: Fix bug: azurlarge_carousel_galleria should have vertical configuration when displaying portrait images
Bug #4749: Add postal code format hints to validation errors in the checkout
Enhancement #4717: Add goto capability to the forgot password
Enhancement #4733: Enhancement: add a patch for removing the old Beanstream payment processor
Feature #4716: Add link/unlink whmcs user capability to the shoutcms cli
Feature #4731: Feature: Add BeanstreamRest to Mercurial payment processor chain

Release Notice for 6.11.1.R20170105 

Related issues
Bug #4623: Fix an issue with site front form processor where it would fail if you create a user with an autogenerate password
Bug #4646: Invoice details have problem with number rounding in total value field
Bug #4649: Fix bug: checkout can't never be recovered if it it is failed at step 5
Bug #4651: Fix bug: Recurring Billing checkbox in Checkout Setting is randomly selected/unselected
Bug #4658: fix a number of common php error warning/notices
Bug #4660: Fix bug: Exception with message "Product is missing" occurs in ShippingQuoteItem
Bug #4662: Robots.txt is being returned as 404
Bug #4664: Admin Console OrderSearchGrid and OrderLineItemSearchGrid - Fix payment processor, method, and method type so they can be grouped by
Bug #4665: Fix bug: Print order button doesn't work on IE browser
Bug #4667: Fix bug: is broken in email template, make [user.login] contact tag to be available
Bug #4668: Fix bug: NavigationContentChooser in Gallery's Add a Link button doesn't show up any products or articles
Bug #4669: Fix bug: order of items in Manage Category Page is broken
Bug #4673: Fix an issue where it was possible for an administrator to delete thier home page
Bug #4674: Fix bug: toolbar of searchgrids should have gray background color
Bug #4676: Fix bug: bulk action button is missing in Archived Form datagrid of View Archieved Transaction page when current user is mediashaker
Bug #4677: Fix bug: adjust the width of widgets in Settings Dashboard so that they can fit on 1280px width
Bug #4678: Fix bug: adjust the spacing between input fields in Address Book forms and change some texts
Bug #4679: Fix bug: region_select combobox is not completely responsive
Bug #4680: Fix bug: create contacts with duplication email doesn't take user to the proper update page
Bug #4682: Fix reordering items in unified list
Bug #4685: Fix creating product options of type checkbox and quantity
Bug #4686: Ensure Interac urls are the same in backend and frontend
Bug #4688: Fix checking if user is a whmcs client
Bug #4689: Fix user email in contacts api
Bug #4690: Fix per page banners customization
Bug #4693: Fix issues with old url which use id+secondary id and migrate to nid+mid
Bug #4694: fix an issue with validation issues in the admin console modify order screen
Bug #4697: Fix crash during logout
Bug #4701: Improved Product Importer CSV Validation to catch a number of invalid use cases
Bug #4702: Fix Recently Modified widget to show only Pages, Products and Articles
Bug #4705: Fix bug: checkboxes in ship_items.php are broken
Bug #4706: Fix bug: correct the layout of some elements in Create Email Account page
Bug #4710: Fix bug: change microcart button to a link
Bug #4713: fix issue where the regex would break if you have repeated search terms or searched for characters in the html highlight code
Defect #4691: Change "Reference" to "Reference Info"
Defect #4703: Change site order in Webstats to show custom domains first
Defect #4712: upgrade phpmailer to fix a security vulnerability
Enhancement #4615: Improve the performance of the _updatePageTitle method
Enhancement #4661: Sitefront Checkout Refactor
Enhancement #4666: Refactor CabilityManager IsEnabled methods and IsAccessible to be more concise by using _IsEnabled and _IsAccessible methods
Enhancement #4670: Refactor UserUtil::getActiveUser -> UserUtil::getEffectiveUser
Enhancement #4671: change company mail so that any administrator can edit company emails
Enhancement #4675: Increase vertical padding between sub menu items of the right navigation panel of Reports page
Enhancement #4681: Improve SparkPost reporting
Enhancement #4683: Split shipping info tag on invoice notice
Enhancement #4687: Improve Line Item reports
Enhancement #4696: Improve error handling and messaging in Mass Mail
Enhancement #4698: Add Beanstream/FirstData support to mercurial payment processor
Enhancement #4699: Add Superadmin error logging
Enhancement #4700: Add ssl test/debug code functions to SsslCertificateUtil
Enhancement #4704: Add content id to Lucene index
Enhancement #4711: Enhancement: Region select with dynamic filters and validators
Feature #4708: Feature: add a new carousel galleria that have bigger thumbnail
Task #4663: Make @import works in design/override.css and let admin users uses non-minified version of the css
Task #4684: Add default value for Store Email Notification preference

Release Notice for 6.11.0.R20161103 

Related issues
Bug #4621: Update spacing between buttons/controls and make it consistent across all of them
Bug #4627: Recurring Products not showing in Lists
Bug #4629: Fix errors within the site front css/js minifier
Bug #4645: Fix bug: User is unable to update profile (WHMCS ticket #226016)
Bug #4647: Fix bug microcart is not working with Internet Explorer
Bug #4648: Fix bug: comments don't show up properly in front site
Bug #4653: Fix continue and cancel links in checkout
Bug #4654: Don't show Settings link if user doesn't have permission
Bug #4655: Fix crash in unified list
Bug #4657: Prevent checkout double click of the complete/process order button if javascript is disabled or broken
Defect #4656: Change text in sort dropdown
Defect #4659: Change "Admin Info" to "Reference"
Enhancement #4628: admin console OrderSearchGrid, OrderLineItemSearchGrid, and general search grid improvements
Enhancement #4644: Set max-height for dropdown list of ui-selectmenu component
Enhancement #4652: Add security settings to payment methods

Release Notice for 6.10.1.R20161026 

Related issues
Bug #4624: fix sitefront checkout util full name parser infinite loop
Bug #4626: fix an issue where sometimes shoutcms would load the same script file more than once
Bug #4630: Show pager even if current results page is empty
Bug #4631: Reindex after marking content deleted
Bug #4632: Fix reloading page after adding upsells to cart
Bug #4633: Fix modifying product options of types checkbox and quantity
Bug #4635: Update Interac Online link in checkout
Bug #4637: Don't show deleted products in configurable options
Bug #4639: admin console dashboard website link goes to a 404
Bug #4642: export contacts is crashes if user does not have a username and password
Bug #4643: fix an issue on the admin console modiy order page where payment details were not being displayed correctly
Defect #4640: Notifier is not handling security correctly
Enhancement #4628: admin console OrderSearchGrid, OrderLineItemSearchGrid, and general search grid improvements
Enhancement #4634: Add time to pickup date on line item reports
Enhancement #4636: Add callbacks to filter reloading
Enhancement #4638: Add additional saved searches to line item reports
Enhancement #4641: optimize backtrace depth for quicktraces
Task #4599: Make RegionSelection2 to be responsive and fix region_select autocomplete bug

Release Notice for 6.10.0.R20161019 

Related issues
Bug #4610: Fix layout bugs appears in Contact Groups and maybe other areas (caused by issue #4552 implementation)
Bug #4612: Fix sortable_item_selector (used by sortable columns in SearchGrid) so that it can work on hidden columns
Bug #4614: recurring billing is no longer tied to the existance of the recur_billing site root file
Bug #4616: fix an issue with the error handler failing to work on outputing certain characters
Bug #4617: Change popup dialogs of Image & Gallery Setting dialog to modal dialog
Bug #4620: Fix conflict in css class names
Enhancement #4522: Move Order Options to the very top of the Store Settings page
Enhancement #4611: Remove old versions of unused vendor libraries
Enhancement #4613: Add notifier to site front so that notifications can better be pushed to users
Enhancement #4618: Add admin info to products and product options
Feature #4603: Add PageContentCleaner to superadmin section

Release Notice for 6.9.5.R20161012 

Related issues
Bug #4567: Fix select boxes are not being grayed out in Shipping and Billing Information section
Bug #4590: Fix UI bugs in Emailing Shipping Notification
Bug #4591: Fix bug: dashboard blocks in Admin home page are not aligned well
Bug #4605: Fix ssl security redirects so that they properly redirect to the non-ssl page when the page is not secure or module page
Bug #4606: fix unified list rank sequence check algorithm so that it does not run every time you change an items rank
Bug #4608: admin console modify order fixes and tweaks
Defect #4607: site front clientarea order history/recent items fixes and minor tweaks
Defect #4609: Checkout fixes and improvements
Enhancement #4548: Modify Create Form page so that the "Allow contact the ability to opt-in to email marketing" option in Enable Mass Email Subscriptions is selected by default
Enhancement #4552: Change css/layout/text - Make input/button elements in simple search area to be bigger
Enhancement #4604: prevent good actor search spiders from following banner links
Task #4547: Ship doesn't work since the last merge

Release Notice for 6.9.4.R20160929 

Related issues
Bug #4521: Make gallery's appearance to be more consistent
Bug #4556: Change css/layout/text - Align the checkboxes and radio buttons of Security Chooser modal
Bug #4571: Fix alignment problem of text fields in Additional Product Options of Invoice Details
Bug #4572: Fix bug of commas in Retail Price of Add Product page isn't recognized correctly. In addition, remove the comma from the output format of the field.
Bug #4589: Fix alignment of sui-control-checkbox ("Allow anonymous checkout" checkbox in Product Options)
Bug #4592: Fix the bug Browse related products button won't work when the button is renderred by server (Product Options section of Adding/Editing Product)
Bug #4595: fix the checkout login so it now returns to the checkout rather than going to the clients clientarea
Bug #4597: forms can now be submitted from the site front home page
Bug #4598: form recaptcha should work when used from a secure page
Bug #4601: Fix Save buttons in preferences
Bug #4602: Fix crashes in checkout w/o address book
Enhancement #4593: Shipping methods can now tell the checkout what they requirements (ie. address, weight, dimensions...)
Enhancement #4594: Addressbook text and styling changes
Enhancement #4596: Change referrer, return, secret, and hash checkout variables to be stored in the checkout session rather than the get/post
Enhancement #4600: Add pickup date to store reports
Feature #4472: Make columns in ordersearch to be sortable
Feature #4487: Send email to the customer when a transaction is marked as ship

Release Notice for 6.9.3.R20160921 

Related issues
Bug #4555: Make "Content Type" and "Security Type" input fields of page search form to be wider so that all the text is visible
Bug #4560: Fix the bug allowing to create products with same urls
Bug #4566: Fix wonky tooltips in Security Chooser modal
Bug #4568: fix calculation of totals within the admin console modify transaction screen
Bug #4570: Refund shows exception "Call to a member function id() on null" in Order.php line 4939
Bug #4573: Rename "Delete Contacts" menu item in Contact Groups' supermenu to "Delete Groups"
Bug #4575: Fix saving store preferences
Bug #4577: Fix fullscreen carousel in Firefox
Bug #4580: when completing an order via the site front checkout users will be properly redirected to the thankyou page rather than the page they entered the checkout from
Bug #4581: checkout with mercurial should not crash
Bug #4582: fix a number of Identity/IdentityHelper crashes and add better handling for missing user identity
Bug #4584: when saving a custom css/js within the admin console settings the save button should now work and the changes accepted
Bug #4585: fix a crash when you go to delete an order
Bug #4586: Add better logging to try and track down some exceptions within the checkout
Defect #4579: Change checkout address fields to ask for a complete name vs first name/last name separately
Defect #4583: improve text in admin console form submission grid around email actions so that it is consistent with the order search grid
Defect #4588: change the invoice and payment notices so that the paid message better reflects that actual status of offline payment methods
Enhancement #4513: Move "Is this a Required Field?" checkbox in Product Options to be the same level as Name and Functionality fields
Enhancement #4554: Autofocus the Search input field in FormNavigationContentBrowse
Enhancement #4565: Change css/layout/text - make "Manage Category" page to have Sku column wider so that the sku is fully visible
Enhancement #4574: Add Line Items tag to Invoice Notices
Enhancement #4576: Add Google Maps link to Pickup locations in checkout
Enhancement #4578: Change shoutcms superadmin backup to new shout library
Enhancement #4587: add webp image support for gallery and list support

Release Notice for 6.9.2.R20160914 

Related issues
Bug #4523: Search field is missing when adding product
Bug #4557: When loading a page with a bad user profile data meta data encoding a fatal error results
Bug #4558: catch more sitefront router 500 exceptions which should be 404 exceptions
Bug #4560: Fix the bug allowing to create products with same urls
Bug #4561: Fix unified list ajax reloads
Bug #4562: Fix links to calendar image
Enhancement #4506: Improve Modify Transaction page - Shipping and Billing Information section
Enhancement #4524: Improve Inventory page
Enhancement #4559: sitefront minify live override.css
Enhancement #4563: Improve product options behaviour
Enhancement #4564: Add Shipping Points to store search

Release Notice for 6.9.1.R20160908 

Related issues
Bug #4526: Fix reporting of recurring invoices on dashboard
Bug #4527: Fix displaying of forms when user not logged in
Bug #4528: Fix memcache flushing
Bug #4530: Fix an issue where any split order line item based action would crash
Bug #4531: moxie manager via the admin console would allow an administrator to delete the rootpath folder
Bug #4532: in the site front checkout do not show the primary profile if it is not complete
Bug #4534: fix a bug where anonymous/invited users cause shoutcms to crash if no one is logged in under certain circumstances
Bug #4535: fix a security bug where shoutcms sessions could be shared between directories with the same domain
Bug #4536: fix an issue where Contacts are unable to be updated
Bug #4543: deleting a contact via the admin console results in a fatal error
Bug #4544: loading Recurring orders and Recurred Invoices result in fatal error
Bug #4545: unable to create system pages from the admin console
Enhancement #4525: Add Email Transfer and Wire Transfer
Enhancement #4540: add api logging to purolator shipping method
Enhancement #4541: change the checkout button template tag content based on version of shoutcms
Enhancement #4542: Improved php 7.0 ErrorHandler with zf2 session support
Feature #4457: Add Workflow(ful) capabilities to the OrderSearchGrid
Feature #4533: Add Mercurial Moneris payment processor

Release Notice for 6.9.0.R20160831 

Related issues
Bug #4503: Add "total amount" row to View Archieved Transactions search grid
Bug #4504: Micro-cart doesn't update when user add items to mini-cart
Bug #4508: Fix urls in Member Search
Bug #4509: Hide pager for Related Lists
Bug #4510: Fix Invoice requests
Bug #4511: Fix Galleria stylesheet limit detection
Bug #4512: Fix dialogs styling
Bug #4514: datepicker dates have the wrong format change hh:mm:ss to HH:mm:ss
Bug #4518: Fix invalid method call
Bug #4519: Fix update scripts
Bug #4520: Fix product options price calculation
Defect #4394: error messages at top of page should no longer break scroll
Enhancement #4284: Logistic Points
Enhancement #4350: Multiple contact address book per user
Enhancement #4424: Abstract Processor should now properly parseRequests, _process is now abstract
Enhancement #4425: Add validation to the seo friendly url on the admin console modify page
Enhancement #4426: Improve the FormHelper javascript parameter tool to support more than one replacement at a time
Enhancement #4437: Shoutcms Passwords can now contain spaces
Enhancement #4458: First Data Payment Method
Enhancement #4466: Optimize unified list disply by adding a cache
Enhancement #4485: Add Mass Email Templates http link to Settings Dashboard and change term 'Pages' to 'Website'
Enhancement #4489: Add 'Add Security Role' button to Administrative Access Role and fix bugs in Admin Security Permissions
Enhancement #4492: Shipping Points
Enhancement #4493: Add Redis SessionSaveHandler
Enhancement #4497: Add Email Template Configuration for Process Payment Notice
Enhancement #4502: Add Pickup Location and Time in checkout
Enhancement #4505: change superadmin link so it is hidden until hover
Enhancement #4515: Add to Cart for related products
Enhancement #4516: Invoice styling
Enhancement #4517: FedEx with locations
Feature #4467: Create a new region selection which uses autocomplete select
Feature #4473: Develop Background-Image plugin for TinyMCE
Feature #4496: Add facebook opengraph metatags to page output

Release Notice for 6.8.9.R20160817 

Related issues
Bug #4490: Gallery turns on everytime you add an image
Bug #4491: Purolator - Change from Express to Ground (which includes Express)
Bug #4495: Fix Box Packer removing 1cm from exteral dementions
Defect #4498: change the behaviours around how the shipping item shipping rules work
Defect #4501: On the site front Detect/Throw BadRequest when an invalid action is specified
Enhancement #4488: Google Sitemap no longer adds pages which exist within the robots.txt
Enhancement #4500: add robot nofollow to the filelist view and download links
Feature #4499: Add autofocus to the admin login form username

Release Notice for 6.8.8.R20160727 

Related issues
Bug #4468: New Gallery Design
Bug #4470: Delivery Date shows as timestamp on the order confirm page of the site front checkout
Bug #4471: If banner image is not found the admin console banner placement page crashes
Bug #4479: invalid characters cause import to silently die - improve product import file validation
Enhancement #4450: Add % Discount to the admin console modify transaction page
Enhancement #4459: Stripe Payment Method
Enhancement #4460: Verified by VISA Payment Method
Enhancement #4474: Galleria Portrait Crop and Size Changes
Enhancement #4475: add more list items per category options to better mesh with our column modes
Enhancement #4476: Show related transactions on the invoice
Enhancement #4477: Admin Console Inventory Grid - show status column when doing a basic search, but not by default
Enhancement #4481: improve static dialog behaviours for when debug information is printed outside the viewport
Enhancement #4482: superadmin console BackupController restore will now dump all tables before reimporting
Enhancement #4483: admin console add image of currently selected layout to page layout edit input
Feature #4480: create a mod rewrite generator superadmin tool
Task #4478: add purolator locations ultraseat patch

Release Notice for 6.8.7.R20160629 

Related issues
Bug #4449: Discounts are being applied to saved Quotes/Orders/Invoices more than once
Enhancement #4452: Add Sortbar to Unified List

Release Notice for 6.8.6.R20160622 

Related issues
Bug #4423: After login on the sitefront shoutcms redirect you to the page which you came from
Bug #4429: Save to Quote and PO Visibility default to the wrong access level if the access level does not exist
Bug #4430: Viewing the wizard causes details to be saved to the preferences before save
Bug #4434: Unable to Ship or Complete Orders from the admin console if they have already had a split action performed on them (Refund, Complete, Cancel, Receive, Ship, ...)
Bug #4436: Shipping not being taxed under all circumstances when tax says it should
Bug #4438: Fix subscribed date in User Browser
Bug #4442: Fix crashing in Newsletter Reports
Bug #4443: Fix "delete.gif not found" error
Bug #4444: Fix creating Newsletter campaign tag
Bug #4445: Rewrite protocol relative urls in Newsletters
Bug #4446: Fix changing Manufacturer and Supplier
Defect #4415: Prevent duplicate id's from being generated from a path
Defect #4431: When you try to use the forgot password and the user is a whmcs user we don't have good enough feedback
Defect #4435: Change Continue Shopping to Return to Shopping
Defect #4440: Allow upload of media files
Defect #4441: Change button label on Create Newsletter page
Defect #4447: Make Sales less noisy in error log
Defect #4448: Always redirect to the * domain if it exists within the Admin Console
Enhancement #4421: more control over who has access to the sitefront checkout features - Invited Guests
Enhancement #4422: Quote will now expire if the due date is greater than the current date
Enhancement #4427: add custom_style and custom_script request toggles to enable and disable the custom elements on the site front
Enhancement #4428: Improve routing of urls so that we can more easily guess as to the proper menu location
Enhancement #4432: Bring in Cost and Retail Price when using browse for product on the modify_transaction page
Enhancement #4439: Add more fields to Lucene index

Release Notice for 6.8.5.R20160601 

Related issues
Defect #4414: Fix moxiemanager api.php so that it runs with the proper version of php
Defect #4417: Copy patch "categories to unified list" to 6.8 update
Defect #4418: Fix an issue that would zero the retail and cost field when updating a product from the inventory screen if those fields were not visible
Defect #4419: Fix an issue where the file list block does not allow viewing or downloading of files
Enhancement #4416: Add cli shoutcms2 patch commands
Enhancement #4420: Faceting improvements

Release Notice for 6.8.4.R20160518 

Related issues
Defect #4408: ICO files cannot be used by Image Majic
Defect #4409: Silence a error where we try to load a template within the memberlogin which does not exist and is never used
Defect #4410: Improve the user experience of sending quotes by making send to email required
Defect #4411: Make invoices created from quotes pricing immutable, by preventing changes to shipping addresses and line items
Defect #4412: Remove the admin console ui to change the product watermark image if gallery module is disabled
Enhancement #4404: Make Shipping Method Override Rules Global
Enhancement #4406: Improved fluid jquery ui suidialog plugin
Enhancement #4407: change the navbar-brand to use a absRoot rather than the absUrl and change the brand_name to use company name instead of domain name when available

Release Notice for 6.8.3.R20160511 

Related issues
Defect #4397: Fix styling in checkout for mobile
Defect #4399: ImageMagick mimetype check preread security fix
Defect #4400: Shout API - Get active user
Defect #4401: Cannot reorder lineitems in invoices
Enhancement #4398: Create patch for migrating legacy categories
Enhancement #4402: Improve Query Search and Search Indexer to include sku and index the page contents including the meta keywords and description
Enhancement #4403: Increase size of file upload via the form submissions from 2MB to 6MB
Enhancement #4404: Make Shipping Method Override Rules Global
Enhancement #4405: Add ability to float images to left and right within tinymce

Release Notice for 6.8.2.R20160427 

Related issues
Defect #4375: Lable the Box sizes block
Defect #4377: Gallery Admin UI
Defect #4378: fix an issue where the home page was getting rewritten to /nid/id instead of / if the seo url is blank
Defect #4380: Fix category settings dialog
Defect #4382: Fix links in User Browser
Defect #4383: Fix page counts on Manage Forms
Defect #4384: Fix setting passwords for frontend registrations
Defect #4385: Admin UI Updates
Defect #4386: Store config settings page bad word fixes
Defect #4387: Make form submissions print on own page.
Defect #4388: Page width on Form Settings
Defect #4389: Broken tag when printing multiple invoices
Defect #4391: uri rewrite now handles fragments and query string better
Defect #4395: fix broken quicktrace function
Defect #4396: Fix search totals so rounding behaviour is consistent with grid
Enhancement #4379: Tinymce syntax highlighting
Enhancement #4381: Move summary above gallery
Enhancement #4390: Change default skin to Savage Dragon
Enhancement #4392: Change Mass Mail provider
UI #4376: Product options radio and product option browse now default to the 'none' option if not required
Task #4393: remove require_once for pear soap

Release Notice for 6.8.1.R20160404 

Related issues
Defect #4363: improve the placment of the fullscreen gallery so that it does not have gaps when it shouldn't
Defect #4365: fix an issue where you cannot set the shipping calculation back to global
Defect #4366: filterSummary can now filter line_endings
Defect #4367: Prevent adding products with no type
Defect #4368: Fix deleting contacts
Defect #4369: Fix FedEx
Defect #4370: Fix an issue where adding watermark deletes thumbnails directory
Defect #4371: Fix urls in Content Templates
Defect #4374: Fix urls in Group Browser
Enhancement #4372: Move Quick View button on categories
UI #4373: tweak the userbrowser dialog select box styling

Release Notice for 6.8.0.R20160323 

Related issues
Defect #4353: Welcome email should be sent from the proper email address now
Defect #4354: Site Front should now resize properly when theme designer feature is enabled and administrator logged in
Defect #4357: Creation of orders via the admin console will now redirect to the proper order id so refresh should work better
Defect #4359: Admin Navigation Changes - move help, settings, and superadmin to alternate navigation bar
Defect #4360: Markdown editor
Enhancement #4349: Include link to product in Product Option Browse
Enhancement #4351: Scroll down to results after facet search
Enhancement #4352: Add PRG pattern to faceting
Enhancement #4356: Move shipping and billing information to under the shipping and billing addresses respectively
Enhancement #4358: Search Indexing should include the seo description and keywords from the meta tag
Enhancement #4361: Add Purolator with locations
Enhancement #4362: Advanced shipping rules and overrides
UI #4355: Add more informative error messages when deleting a client

Release Notice for 5.8.14.R20160309 

Related issues
Defect #4102: Forgot Password - Send email if WHMCS user tries to reset their password.
Defect #4112: Fix universal ShoutcmsBootstrap and version 5.8.0 compatibility [donotmergeup]
Defect #4348: fix contact import not importing contact identifiers

Release Notice for 6.7.4.R20160309 

Related issues
Defect #4328: fix the Order::recalcTaxes so that it behaves the same as in the checkout taxes model
Defect #4330: Fix Shipping methods
Defect #4331: Fix FileUrlUtil
Defect #4332: Fix wysiwyg on Send Transaction page
Defect #4333: Fix faceting
Defect #4334: Fix cloning attributes
Defect #4338: Fix legacy categories
Defect #4341: Fix saving payment methods
Defect #4343: Fix freight per order shipping method
Enhancement #4335: Improve custom css page
Enhancement #4336: change module initialization so that we preinitialize the autoloaders first
Enhancement #4337: Add themedesigner query string which will open theme designer on the site front
Enhancement #4339: Bring back product export
Enhancement #4340: Display SKU on categories
Enhancement #4342: Add secondary order to search results
Enhancement #4344: add canonical links for pages which do not have a unified list with list items
Enhancement #4347: Product and Tax lookup on the modify transaction page
UI #4345: change the no-chrome class to no_chrome so it is consistent with other no_chrome functionality

Release Notice for 6.7.3.R20160224 

Related issues
Defect #4307: Fix panels width
Defect #4317: Fix dashboard stats
Defect #4319: Fix overriding features in xml files
Defect #4320: Fix saving filter content blocks
Defect #4322: Fix Shout::urlHost so that auto redirects correctly
Defect #4323: Fix some bad redirects when deleting pages and save and return
Defect #4324: Fix the deleted pages reset funcitonality so it properly cleans up the unified list chain links
Defect #4325: Implement two search indexes: case sensitive and case insenstive
Defect #4326: Fix Site Checker
Enhancement #4290: Snippets within the wysiwyg editor
Enhancement #4291: Remove top settings menu
Enhancement #4303: Add global width constraint to admin console
Enhancement #4304: add caption and subtitle to formblock configuration
Enhancement #4316: Hide Mediashaker user from logged in list
Enhancement #4318: Hide pages deleted by Mediashaker
Enhancement #4321: add visibility check to logincheck

Release Notice for 6.7.2.R20160219 

Related issues
Defect #4308: Reset Manager not removing user identities
Defect #4311: Fix dashboard report numbers
Defect #4315: Fix Reset Manager clean deleted pages
Enhancement #4314: Add Company and Newsletter resets to reset manager
UI #4310: Change 'Support' to 'Help' in the back of shoutcms
Task #4309: When installing a user change the group the user gets added to from '1. ADMIN & STAFF' to 'ADMIN & STAFF'

Release Notice for 6.7.1.R20160217 

Related issues
Defect #4295: Fix User Browser
Defect #4296: Fix Select All checkboxes on Modify User page
Defect #4299: Change Lucene Analyzer to case sensitive
Defect #4301: Fix product options
Defect #4302: Navigation is not displaying children if they are all secure
Enhancement #4275: Traffic Reports
Enhancement #4276: Favicon
Enhancement #4277: Move CV2 into templates
Enhancement #4280: Styling Omnibus
Enhancement #4297: Change default category layout to 1 Across

Release Notice for 6.6.4.R20160128 

Related issues
Defect #4219: Canada Post Update "check" always returns true.
Defect #4221: Elavon URL bug fix
Defect #4255: admin console region expand button does not return result and has an infinite spinner
Defect #4257: Fix javascript in newsletter reports
Defect #4258: Change Mercurial so that it sends taxes based on the contents of the shipping statement rather than the original order
Defect #4259: AbstractLuceneDocument::getPageContentByUrl now prefixes the domain with the proper www based on the security setting
Defect #4261: Admin UI Updates
Defect #4262: Gallery Template Icons
Defect #4263: Gallery - If only one image in carousel or minimal on click go fullscreen
Defect #4265: admin console unable to save regions since they do not allow null member level
Defect #4271: Manage forms - click for submissions total - link busted - remove link
Defect #4272: Remove floating commas on invoice
Enhancement #4165: WebDAV access to design files
Enhancement #4256: Add currency symbol to price filter
Enhancement #4260: Change wysiwyg styling
Enhancement #4264: "Add to Quote" independent of "Add to Cart"
Enhancement #4266: Enable Product Import to import into existing categories as defined in csv/xml/productrestore
Enhancement #4267: Shipping method fields on Invoice
Enhancement #4268: Groups can be ranked and ordered
Enhancement #4269: Improve the way in which we pick the menu id when getting content by uri
Enhancement #4273: Automatic vertical galleries

Release Notice for 6.6.3.R20160115 

Related issues
Defect #4247: Custom "cannot change password" messages for non-shoutcms identities
Defect #4248: MoxieManager - Trim URLs outside of TinyMCE
Defect #4249: Articles and Products can be submitted without placement
Defect #4251: Add View button when editing a form
Defect #4252: Set MoxieManager as the default standalone file manager
Defect #4254: fix path replace issues with moxiemanager and tinymce
Enhancement #4246: Add Hide Items Before Search option
Enhancement #4253: implement markdown parse for navigational summary site front rendering
UI #4250: Design and Text Changes

Release Notice for 6.6.2.R20160113 

Related issues
Defect #4222: creating and editing Recurring Product results in fatal error
Defect #4223: Tinymce/Moxiemanager Production Environment Compatibility/Security
Defect #4225: Elavon is not displaying error messages when a transaction fails
Defect #4226: Superadmin - Convert Help CSV to PHP array
Defect #4227: Fix an issue with new Session create method not being used throughout shoutcms
Defect #4229: Improve filter summary
Defect #4231: Elavon - Save response details
Defect #4232: Elavon Testing Trigger
Defect #4233: Unable to click on fields on the admin console modify transaction page within FF
Defect #4236: site front PO and save to quote capabilities should have default off accessability
Defect #4237: Fix Related Products
Defect #4238: Fix jquery-ui icons
Defect #4240: Product retail price missing decimal places with it is a whole number
Defect #4241: Remove markup field from UPS
Defect #4242: Remove URL field from Canada Post
Defect #4243: Increase line item product title column length
Defect #4244: MoxieManager shoutcms ui helper class did not use the proper function signature for the open browser callback
Defect #4245: Fix the admin console view form page so that it displays the form correctly
Enhancement #4224: Improve Help tooltip system
Enhancement #4228: Add bounding box to the bootstrap carousel slider gallery images
Enhancement #4230: change our filterSummary function to fully support UTF-8 chars and pave the way to enable ' and "
Enhancement #4234: Improve admin console content browse dialog search
Enhancement #4235: Add attribute list capability
Enhancement #4239: Show PO Number on Invoice

Release Notice for 6.6.1.R20151218 

Related issues
Defect #4216: Selectboxes do enable/disable
Defect #4217: Security Browser resets top groups after changed
Defect #4218: Revert to wysiwyg pro

Release Notice for 6.6.0.R20151216 

Related issues
Defect #4158: Fix sales
Defect #4169: Retail Price not saving
Defect #4170: Top of tabs are not clickable
Defect #4171: ReCaptcha Bugs
Defect #4185: site front product summary subtotal now supports floats
Defect #4186: Admin Console: Content Browse: remove tree menu radio from product only content browse
Defect #4187: Fix adding & removing attributes
Defect #4188: Fix adding WHMCS user to admin group
Defect #4189: admin console product options product browse can now be ranked
Defect #4190: Fix recurring billing
Defect #4192: Fix Invoice merge tags
Defect #4193: Hide Unified List block
Defect #4196: UPS not loading
Defect #4199: Fix buttons on recurring invoice notice
Defect #4200: Fix invoice printing
Defect #4204: Remove next/previous arrows for carousel galleries with only one image
Defect #4205: Order Flat Rate Shipping Rate input Needs To Be Bigger
Defect #4207: Fix Product Option - product browse
Defect #4210: Fix Banner Configuration in Page Options
Defect #4214: Gallery Background Image Detection with Inverted text colour.
Enhancement #4150: Move Placement below Title
Enhancement #4184: Add More Improved optional/required to the Product Option: checkbox, radio, dropdown, and product browse
Enhancement #4195: Add dates to Recurring Invoices
Enhancement #4197: Order Items and Order Item Details to be ranked
Enhancement #4198: Improved FormTemplate
Enhancement #4202: OrderSearchGrid now can display Option Subtotal
Enhancement #4203: TinyMCE WYSIWYG
Enhancement #4206: New shipping method - Freight per Order
Enhancement #4208: Shipping method fields
Enhancement #4209: New shipping method - Pickup by Shipper
Enhancement #4211: Purchase Order Number in Checkout
Enhancement #4213: Save Quote in Checkout
Enhancement #4215: Improve recurring billing batch notification and allow recurring billing to be disabled
UI #4159: Change buttons on add contact

Release Notice for 6.0.2.R20151125 

Related issues
Defect #4133: Gallery Links - Move Button text to bottom and add description
Enhancement #4194: Product Cost stored within line item during line item creation

Release Notice for 6.5.0.R20151030 

Related issues
Defect #4149: when opening jquery-ui dialogs within firefox the page jumps to the top of the page causing the dialog to be unusable
Defect #4152: Site Front Search does not work with multiple search terms
Defect #4153: fix Zend Framework Mail exception when from address is left blank
Defect #4155: fix a bug where a user had the same group added multiple times
Defect #4161: Galley Item Link hidenin when multiple rows of images exist
Defect #4166: Summary Gallery Background when empty
Defect #4168: Purolator Bug Fix - Missing Box Sizes Fields
Defect #4172: Coupons are saving 7 empty coupons
Defect #4173: Fix Disallow Crawling
Defect #4174: Fix Contact Gallery
Defect #4175: Fix Preference
Defect #4178: Fix getting module name when handler param is not set
Enhancement #4151: Re-organize Additional Page Settings into two more refined areas
Enhancement #4154: Add status to inventory product search
Enhancement #4157: Implement tabs within the admin console when modfiy page: article; and products
Enhancement #4163: Elavon
Enhancement #4164: More Login Backgrounds
Enhancement #4177: Add owner to the 1. ADMIN & STAFF group upon install
Enhancement #4179: tweak the send product post purchase message code so that a user is no longer required
UI #4176: Admin styling & text changes
UI #4180: Tweak welcome wizard messaging

Release Notice for 6.0.1.R20151029 

Related issues
Defect #4132: Bootstarp Galley Bugs and Design Updates
Defect #4134: Polls - Summary isn't styled and AJAX is caught by ModSecurity
Enhancement #4160: switch mercurial to use cost based lineitem pricing
Enhancement #4162: create 6.0 to 6.2 migration scripts for sites w/o custom template
UI #4135: Update Admin Nav Icons

Release Notice for 6.4.1.R20150921 

Related issues
Defect #4076: Find and Fix Missing WHMCS User
Defect #4128: Fix Shoutcms2 Console Update Action
Defect #4129: Fix Mandrill (don't show all recipients)
Defect #4130: Gallery Bug Fix - jQuery UI Selectmenu for Templates and Status Broken
Defect #4131: Add Identity to fixmediashakeruser patch
Defect #4137: Form Submissions - View/Print UI Updates
Defect #4138: improve modify form page load performance
Defect #4139: fix erroneos namespace in the gallery query
Defect #4145: Fix isVisible for NavigableModel
Defect #4146: Bootstrap Carousel Gallery - Add some classes and make BG transparent when empty
Defect #4148: Fix url rewrite
Enhancement #4140: search grids now save the advanced search toggle open state
Enhancement #4141: Add Attribute Wysiwyg Editor Content Template Tag
Enhancement #4142: Attributes Ui Block
Enhancement #4144: Clickable poll summaries
Enhancement #4147: Change buttons on edit contact page
UI #4143: Hidden status now shows in tree on the view_pages list

Release Notice for 6.4.0.R20150910 

Related issues
Defect #4115: fix duplicate ACTION_ conflicts
Defect #4124: fix a bug where articles were unable to be deleted
Enhancement #4075: Advanced Search Faceting
Enhancement #4082: Search Indexer Engine
Enhancement #4083: Search Engine (Lucene)
Enhancement #4087: Attributes
Enhancement #4088: Attribute UI
Enhancement #4090: Faceted List Search via Lucene
Enhancement #4091: Ratings (5 star w/ comment)
Enhancement #4092: Faceting Configuration from Admin Console (list and global settings)
Enhancement #4093: Attributes DB/DBAL/ORM
Enhancement #4114: Improved Content Browser
Enhancement #4116: Gallery Browser with Links
Enhancement #4117: upgrade phpmailer to 5.2.12
Enhancement #4118: Create a new Star Rating with Comment Rating type
Enhancement #4119: dialog windows no longer allow the background to scroll via scroll wheel
Enhancement #4123: Slider Galleries
Enhancement #4125: nid uri rewrite and relative mid for related content
Enhancement #4126: flush earlier within frontindex
UI #4122: Summaries and shortcut links for unified list ui

Release Notice for 6.3.0.R20150831 

Related issues
Defect #4101: Editable Form Submissions
Defect #4107: charset issues when using the wysiwyg editor
Defect #4108: Fix an issue where setting values on a ContentModel would not update the necessary parameters
Enhancement #4077: Change custom javascript so that it is injected without the ready jquery wrapper
Enhancement #4078: add the ability to manipulate the content title in the site front from the override config
Enhancement #4079: the secure sessionid set redirect has been improved so that it cleans up if the sessionid is the same as the passed value
Enhancement #4080: replace magic 0 with User::ID_MEDIASHAKER
Enhancement #4081: Tweak Sale code to be more understandable
Enhancement #4109: On the site front allow for access to module controllers via the module slug as well as the module id
Enhancement #4110: Add UserInteface and AnonymousUser to handle requirement for a user object to always be passed into modify/update/add functions even if function allows anonymous

Release Notice for 5.8.13.R20150723 

Related issues
Defect #3941: Shoutcms Mercurial Processor fails to send the senders phone number
Defect #3987: Change hard exception to pagenotfound exception within the filelist if identifier is bad
Defect #3988: Fix an issue where if a user logs in within the Cart it does not update the sales
Defect #3996: Fix a minor issue within the Order::process method where it was calling the addToGroups function as this is the providence of the code calling the process
Defect #4071: Live Chat breaks the Support Dialog
Defect #4098: Mass Mail bouced emails not returning
Enhancement #4099: Implement ShoutcmsBootstrap detection and handling so that we don't reset the include path

Release Notice for 6.0.0.R20150722 

Related issues
Defect #4019: Featured Images based on Old Gallery Images dont rename correctly
Defect #4094: Fix settings
Defect #4095: Fix banner placement

Release Notice for 6.2.0.C20150714 

Related issues
Defect #4065: Fix SEO fields
Defect #4066: Fix Social Bookmarking
Defect #4069: Fix list sorting
Enhancement #4061: One column with product options for unified list
Enhancement #4062: One column blog for unified list
Enhancement #4063: Merge Page & Frontpage layouts
Enhancement #4064: 1 column minimal styling
Enhancement #4067: Admin styling
Enhancement #4068: Mass Email delete
UI #4070: Admin UI - Tabs

Release Notice for 6.2.0.C20150624 

Related issues
Defect #4015: detect and fix any E_RECOVERABLE errors
Defect #4027: wysiwyg editor url browser page on this website is returning a white screen
Defect #4028: Fix an issue where the adminbar didn't work with articles and products without a secondary placement in the tree
Defect #4041: fix an issue with the tree ui where the right side of the tree item was getting cut off
Defect #4044: Unable to process orders
Defect #4046: update ProductImageDriver to allow homepage as a valid destination
Defect #4047: fix an issue with the watermark code placing the watermark outside the canvas
Enhancement #4003: Admin UI tweaks
Enhancement #4026: Improved Admin Console List Grid View
Enhancement #4042: Icon and Image Navigation Menu Tree Decorators
Enhancement #4048: UI Form Block add Summary Information location
Enhancement #4050: Add Low and High Stock info messages to the unified list dynamic grid
Enhancement #4052: Admin fixes & styling
Enhancement #4053: Add Stock Color Indicators to the unified list
Enhancement #4054: Update and Consolidate Admin Console Bootstrap
Enhancement #4059: Add ORDER BY to the Site Front Unified Items search
Enhancement #4060: Custom Sort to order templates within the template browser so that Frontpage template occur after other templates
QA #4043: add proper status messages to 6.2.0 update
UI #4034: More tweaks with UIAdminSuperButtons and UIAdminButton styling
UI #4045: tweak wording on the group bulk add/remove contacts
UI #4049: Change Featured Images and Featured Summary to Gallery and Summary
UI #4057: Admin UI Updates

Release Notice for 6.0.0.R20150616 

Related issues
Defect #4031: Ipn Paypal Actions will trigger the post process actions multiple times
Defect #4035: fix an issue where the order user invoice actionbar would cover content at the bottom of invoice when scrolling
Defect #4040: Fix shipping date
Defect #4051: Purolator Box Packing
Defect #4056: Fix File List
Enhancement #3920: Add WysiwygProV3 Styles Menu for the Shout Site Content Configuration
Enhancement #4055: Purolator Box Packing

Release Notice for 6.2.0.C20150608 

Related issues
Defect #3994: Fix User Gallery on frontend
Defect #4006: Welcome Message Page not saving hidden/disabled elements
Defect #4010: Force login redirect always points to My Account
Defect #4018: Move old featured images to gallery when updating
Defect #4021: When you go to modify forms in the admin console the page crashes
Defect #4022: forcearray passes the array it works on into foreach by reference when it shouldn't in php 5.5 +
Defect #4033: UIAdminSuperbuttons used for the Add action are now all orange
Defect #4036: Creating an order with a non linked product results in a crash
Defect #4037: fix an issue where if a page cannot determine it's navigation it will not force login if necessary
Enhancement #3995: Mandrill
Enhancement #3997: Minor Text and Design changes
Enhancement #3999: New Social Login Widgets
Enhancement #4005: Manage Shipping Methods Page Updates
Enhancement #4016: add .vcard as an acceptable file extension via file and image manager
Enhancement #4017: switch phpmailer to use plesk sendmail wrapper
Enhancement #4023: within the admin console navigation menu tree, move action button to after the page title
Enhancement #4024: Change the UIAdminSuperButton menu to be display via proxy in body instead of directly
Enhancement #4025: add upper limit to compatible php version for shoutcms
Enhancement #4038: split the active transactions up into invoices, drafts, quotes
UI #4014: Unified List Data Grid Styles

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20150526 

Related issues
Defect #4020: logging into via cart causes the page to go to a white screen of death
Defect #4029: Purolator dimension, wieght, and international shipping fixes
Enhancement #4004: Invoice updates
Enhancement #4030: add max and min version to restrict php to version 5.3 for shoutcms 6.0

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20150512 

Related issues
Defect #4019: Featured Images based on Old Gallery Images dont rename correctly

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20150429 

Related issues
Defect #4001: Fix category sales with quantity
Defect #4002: Fix an issue with the newsletter mailer not sending emails when array is specified
Defect #4007: Fix completing orders
Defect #4008: Fix Canada Post
Defect #4011: Cloning product drops origonal images
Defect #4012: Gallery Updates
Defect #4013: the sessionid redirect was not setting the shoutsession properly
Enhancement #3943: Going Live Wizzard
Enhancement #4009: Change sort order in store

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20150311 

Related issues
Defect #3984: Fix PayPal
Defect #3986: Superadmin Feature Manager now shows the inherited state
Enhancement #3985: Wrap PHPMailer class in a Shout library class to better encapsulate the changes made by ShoutCMS
Enhancement #3989: Inventory Page styling
Enhancement #3990: List style gallery
Enhancement #3991: Mail Account Page styling
Enhancement #3992: Form Submissions on separate pages
Enhancement #3993: Support for portrait images in store

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20150225 

Related issues
Defect #3975: admin console detection misses a few cases
Defect #3981: Fix CSS Editor
Enhancement #3967: Implement the site front client description to have newlines represented as paragraph tags
Enhancement #3970: Minor Design and Wording Changes
Enhancement #3973: Improve exception handling using ZF2
Enhancement #3974: Upgrade to jquery from 1.10.2 to 1.11.2
Enhancement #3978: upgrade anything slider to new library
Enhancement #3979: Improve the no javascript messaging to have less impact upon the site seo
Enhancement #3980: Portrait Galleries
Enhancement #3982: Decouple shipping from completing order
Enhancement #3983: Allow special characters in summary
UI #3977: Comments styling

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20150205 

Related issues
Defect #3968: Fix payment icons
Defect #3971: Gallery Browser is noisey in the error log
Defect #3972: Fix removing duplicate banners
Enhancement #3959: Minor Admin Design or Wording Changes
Enhancement #3964: WYSIWYG Pro Design Updates
Enhancement #3969: New invoice layout

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20150129 

Related issues
Defect #3961: Navigational Summary is printing the navigable node to error log
Defect #3962: Fix PayPal
Defect #3963: Fix an issue in IE 8 within the site front where the jquery javascript library was not supported
Defect #3965: Fix reset password
Defect #3966: Fix invoice emails in Outlook
Enhancement #3933: Implement Mercurial Moneris Interac payment processor

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20150121 

Related issues
Defect #3950: Fix user images and gallery in backend
Defect #3951: Fix profile placeholder images
Defect #3952: Fix themepicker: blank page after reload
Defect #3954: Patch to remove orphand identities
Defect #3955: Modify User Spelling Error
Defect #3957: Fix Edit My Profile page
Defect #3958: Member Search is slow
Enhancement #3956: Minor UI Fixes

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20150108 

Related issues
Defect #3917: fix reset manager so that it does not crash when reseting the site
Defect #3929: Page Layout input shows overflow of system page names
Defect #3930: SkipJack erroring out when non-asci in name
Defect #3931: Global Payments Payment Processor
Defect #3932: Facbook Timeline settings is hidden
Defect #3934: 6.0-010 Update cannot migrate WHMCS users, throws error
Defect #3937: fix a bug in the adminindex where the config global was not specified so that the force login could work
Defect #3939: Edit user throws execption in no_profile_image.jpg is missing
Defect #3940: UserGallery Not Verifying that the correct info is there when saving / displaying contact images
Defect #3945: Restrict WHMCS Authentication to Primary User ONLY
Defect #3946: fix an issue with NavigationalSummary using a legacy method of pulling the linked gallery
Defect #3947: Fix creating system pages
Defect #3948: Fix CSS editor
Defect #3949: Product Gallery Migration Script is Broken
Enhancement #3915: Minor UI Fixes
Enhancement #3916: Local skin
Enhancement #3921: Profiles on Articles
Enhancement #3926: Related article categories
Enhancement #3927: User Gallery
Enhancement #3936: EN.php has test data in it.
Enhancement #3938: Fix UserBrowser for users without a name
Enhancement #3942: DFP for Small Business
Enhancement #3944: Public form submissions

Release Notice for 6.0.0.C20141112 

Related issues
Defect #2795: The Mass Mail send notification is freezing and therefore clients are timing out
Defect #3230: Design Mode Control Panel
Defect #3524: CSS Override Styling Problem
Defect #3549: Username and Password updates for non-shoutcms users
Defect #3551: Unsuccessful login throws a fatal error
Defect #3552: HTML classid value is overwritten by the URI Rewriter
Defect #3656: Fix UIPanel content breaking on window resizing
Defect #3688: Fileuploader cannot do chunks
Defect #3713: WHMCS Authentication
Defect #3714: Error Class failing to serialize
Defect #3771: fix an issue with the backup and updater tool not being able to access db config
Defect #3813: Fix default values in Theme Editor
Defect #3875: Product cannot load
Defect #3887: Fix Form Manager
Defect #3888: Fix Invoice views
Defect #3895: Fix sitemap
Defect #3896: Fix postprocessor
Defect #3903: Fix images urls
Defect #3905: Update recurring billing batch to use zf2 console and work with consolidated template
Defect #3906: Fix image cropping
Defect #3907: Products with a sinle Alternate Product throw an Exception
Enhancement #1469: Improve the handling of templates and thier paths throughout shout
Enhancement #1791: Upgradedable Template System - Phase 1
Enhancement #2239: Folder Structure - Shoutcms need an upgrade to its file directory structure
Enhancement #2352: XML Config - JS include system
Enhancement #2353: Config - XML - CSS includes - implement a tie into the CSS shoutcms code to the config file
Enhancement #2354: Config - XML - HTML block include via a config file
Enhancement #2356: Shared Resource Handling
Enhancement #3097: Template Set Chooser
Enhancement #3099: Template Set Definition Manifest and Resources
Enhancement #3100: Custom Css + Custom File management
Enhancement #3240: Asset Management
Enhancement #3439: Shout Authentication and Single Signon
Enhancement #3538: Update CodeMirror editor to version 3
Enhancement #3548: Consolidated Template
Enhancement #3554: Add ability to hide admin toolbar
Enhancement #3555: Create a more abstract structure for design elements
Enhancement #3558: Extend CodeMirror into a new JS editor
Enhancement #3561: Switch Zend Framework 1 Static Library Method Calls over to Zend Framework 2
Enhancement #3562: FastCgi and Shared Configuration Bootstrap
Enhancement #3630: Refactor parts of the form file picker for easier and better use
Enhancement #3631: Implement Navigational UI redesign
Enhancement #3634: Implement ability to switch the UIPanel from one side to the other
Enhancement #3641: Add image list display type to form file manager
Enhancement #3642: Implement a theme management tool
Enhancement #3647: make shoutcms php 5.4 compatible
Enhancement #3654: reimplement shoutcms install so that it can handle the private configuration directory
Enhancement #3657: refactor code so that determining whether a user is within the admin console or not is in one location
Enhancement #3711: Change Indentifiers to Identifier Groups
Enhancement #3712: Write Updates to go from 5.8 to 6.0 (admin navigation changes)
Enhancement #3715: Page/Product item actionalbe updates
Enhancement #3717: Update settings page
Enhancement #3718: Page Sorting design tweaks
Enhancement #3722: Page Sorting Tree Redesign
Enhancement #3770: Add mail accounts management
Enhancement #3811: Link to default template
Enhancement #3812: Slider in Template Form
Enhancement #3854: Upgrade CodeMirror to 4.4
Enhancement #3857: Split social signon update into two files
Enhancement #3858: Implement shoutcms updater for 6.0
Enhancement #3865: Timed pages by hour
Enhancement #3885: Implement login override functionality so that login will not authenticate the user
Enhancement #3889: Improve devel environment robots handling
Enhancement #3900: Debit payments
Enhancement #3901: Anonymous invoices
Enhancement #3904: Social Authentication Updates
Enhancement #3908: Add ui-block help button remote url content and add more help buttons to FormHelper fields
UI #3061: Verbiage for page structure selection
UI #3633: Add a size option to shout form inputs
UI #3658: Remove icons from adminbar action buttons
UI #3679: Admin UI Updates - Popup gallery, move featured section, identifier groups...
UI #3835: Admin UI Updates
UI #3872: Change wording on Payment Method Settings page
UI #3902: Minor UI fixes
Task #3719: Theme Picker - Debug and Get Running
Task #3818: change the content-type of ajax calls that return json to application/json
Task #3819: add caching to expensive calls which are repeated within a load and between loads
Task #3820: Theme Designer Performance Optimization
Task #3821: Change theme designer form save processor so that it no longer unessarilly tries to draw form fields while processing a request
Task #3822: Improve speed of ImageDriverMagick when determining if image has an alpha layer
Task #3823: Improve performance of the joinPaths function
Task #3825: Create Shout child class that overrides Zend2 ClassMapAutoloader so that it uses array + array instead of array_merge

Release Notice for 5.8.12.M20141114 

Related issues
Defect #3897: Cannot adjust minicart qtys
Defect #3918: Fix an issue with the perproduct shipping method
Defect #3919: Fix an issue where user was not getting set within the bootstrap navbar menu, causing all secure pages to never be visible
Enhancement #3669: Change "Site Progression" to "Page Order"
Enhancement #3913: File list with download capability

Release Notice for 5.8.12.M20141003 

Related issues
Defect #3856: Purolator Shipping - Indevidual items cannot weigh less than 0.40KG or API throws error
Defect #3866: Product with checkboxes show/add all unselected options in cart.
Defect #3883: Cannot save System Pages
Defect #3892: Site Progression errors if a page has been deleted and the ranks contains gaps
Enhancement #3890: Cumulative taxes are not being calculated properly
Enhancement #3891: Implement advanced ship label for invoice summary

Release Notice for 5.8.12.M20140916 

Related issues
Defect #3878: Unable to rank pages, articles, and products via the admin console
Enhancement #3880: Optimize database and unsubscribe link in the Mass Mail tool

Release Notice for 5.8.12.R20140904 

Related issues
Defect #3851: Mercurial country codes not specified correctly
Defect #3855: Delivery date flat rate shipping now charging per order instead of charging a flat rate per product
Defect #3859: Admin Console Send newsletter opt-in email is throwing an exception.
Defect #3873: Jquery throws an error when creating a notification
Defect #3874: Improve non-buffered output of newsletter progressbar and error logging
Enhancement #3843: Add Paging to Admin Console Articles List View
Enhancement #3853: Fix Updater so that it can update fastcgi sites and properly handle custom domains

Release Notice for 5.8.11.M20140806 

Related issues
Defect #3840: Contact Import Failing - Failed to Import User for Unknown reasons
Defect #3844: The view of the 'active since' date is stuck on 1969-12-31

Release Notice for 5.8.11.M20140731 

Related Issues
Defect #3838: product view button is not working from category subproducts display
Defect #3845: fix file list so files are display in alphabetical order on the site front
Enhancement #3837: Allow multiple rates for product flat rate and order flat rate shipping methods

Release Notice for 5.8.11.M20140724 

Related issues
Defect #3836: Legacy sub-category display is not working and displays an Array placeholder

Release Notice for 5.8.11.R20140714 

Related issues
Defect #3826: Fix an issue where if a product does not have sale fields specified to show up in a related products tag the price will show up even if it is secured via the global visibility setting
Defect #3828: fix an issue where submit cart_process function is not occurring when clicking the addtocart button from a category page
Defect #3829: Improve handling of small images display within the category view and galleria
Defect #3834: Products should no longer use the default template indiscriminately
Enhancement #3830: Add to cart popup
Enhancement #3832: Improve group management and maintainance by providing bulk group actions
Enhancement #3833: Improve Contact Import to include special field values to determine whether a field should update a contact datum or clear a contact datum

Release Notice for 5.8.10.M20140625 

Related issues
Defect #3758: change the Order::sendInvoice function so that you can force it to use a specific user when doing a status update to the order
Defect #3798: increase the size of galleria images from 1000 to 1170 px wide so that they will fill the fullscreen
Defect #3799: mass mail are losing thier font styling within outlook 2007 - 2013 due to it not supporting *
Defect #3800: Recurring Products should no longer go to a white screen of death
Defect #3801: add to cart button should now show on products which have a stock rule and have stock
Defect #3803: fix an issue where if the add to cart functionality is enabled and product options disabled on category listing the view button is missing
Defect #3804: newly added items to the minicart should now bring in the proper sized images
Defect #3805: fix an issue where the add to cart button was not visible on product categories
Defect #3809: Newsletter site front unsubscribe action results in a white page of death
Defect #3814: order email receipts are not being sent when a user completes the checkout if a user is anonymous
Defect #3816: fix an issue where errors occuring within shipping methods were dieing quietly
Enhancement #3795: add a patch css sheet capability to more accuratly controls updates to existing designs to enable low level changes to the markup of shoutcms
Enhancement #3802: Add summary to related category widget
Enhancement #3815: Optin Consent Subscription List Enablement

Release Notice for 5.8.10.R20140616 

Related issues
Defect #3793: Shipping Method Defect Omnibus
Enhancement #3796: Implement quick patch.css file which gets loaded after the override.css
Enhancement #3797: Improve the display of add to cart and multi categories by providing more control over classes

Release Notice for 5.8.9.R20140605 

Related issues
Defect #3788: Fedex and UPS Transactions are not being autoloaded
Defect #3790: Existing browse features are lost when saving a page
Defect #3791: Old templates dont have LikeBox tag
Defect #3792: Fix and Improve security handling of category related products
Enhancement #3781: Colors do not look correct on cmyk images. convert all cmyk images into rgb versions

Release Notice for 5.8.8.R20140528 

Related issues
Defect #3742: Mass Mail preview is not bringing in the proper css
Defect #3745: Mass Mail not sending in Arial by default on production systems
Defect #3750: Error messages are not appearing when a user tries to buy a product that is out of stock
Defect #3759: add missing product options types to category sub product product options
Defect #3775: Carousel Gallery cant pre-load the first image in Google Chrome 35+
Defect #3777: Galleria images are being up scaled when they should not be
Defect #3778: Error Debugger is silently failing on some fatal errors
Defect #3779: Timed pages are incorrectly showing in the search results via the site front page search
Defect #3780: Legacy newsletter signup was not working
Enhancement #3746: incubate support for owl carousel
Enhancement #3757: Create a special delivery method for WeDoDelivery that handles tips and pickup
Enhancement #3760: Advanced Shipping Method Configuration
Enhancement #3761: Add taxable configuration to the product import
Enhancement #3762: Chase payment gateway
Enhancement #3763: Refine admin payment methods settings display
Enhancement #3764: new jquery ui widget for the prototype/scaffold table
Enhancement #3765: add the reset and send password to the user profile page
Enhancement #3766: change the whcmsadduser cli command to add user to Staff group
Enhancement #3767: Add summary image meta link to the head of each page with a featured image
Enhancement #3768: Display multiple category products on a category
Enhancement #3769: timed products/articles not in the 'Accessable' time range is throwing a 500 error instead of a 404 error
UI #3744: Change non-Fullscreen Gallery Backgrounds from Black to Whilte

Release Notice for 5.8.7.M20140410 

Related issues
Defect #3743: Product Images do not work in the category view or the product relations view

Release Notice for 5.8.7.R20140409 

Related issues
Defect #3726: Search function on back side of web site not working
Defect #3729: Refine adminbar css so that it only applies to the adminbar and not the whole page
Defect #3734: revert wysiwyg editor firefox table disable resize inline editing
Defect #3735: Main header graphic is no longer displaying
Defect #3738: If the db connection is lost the db adapter will automatically try to reconnect before making a new query
Enhancement #3667: Implement secure redirect system to handle proper session passing between two domain urls with seo considerations
Enhancement #3723: Timed Pages should now return 404 errors before the starttime and 410 errors after it, products are only available between start and end time
Enhancement #3724: 5.8.0 Galleria Design Tweaks
Enhancement #3730: add a galleria shoutcms folio variant
Enhancement #3732: CyberSource Silent Order POST API Implementation
Enhancement #3741: ImageHelper has default config capability and configs can include attributes as well as the src image config

Release Notice for 5.8.6.R20140320 

Related issues
Defect #3660: Update Twitter Embed Code Scraper
Defect #3662: summary image does not show up for secondary data
Defect #3663: Add to cart shows in categories when "catalog mode" is enabled
Defect #3665: Remove deprecated function call signature from Preference
Defect #3666: Fix an issue where if a content item has the same id as another content item an error will occur when loading a navigation entity
Defect #3668: Product import prices will now accept float values instead of flooring the value
Defect #3684: Security level checks always return true and false (never null)
Defect #3695: Checkout Confirm Page on the site front is not taking the image size settings from config file
Defect #3696: Remove superflous bootstrap 3 menu dropdowns when a navigation item has no children
Defect #3697: Polls not showing up on pages
Defect #3700: If a Comment is not properly created the page/product/article and any categories the comments are located on crashes
Defect #3701: Contact Search is unresponsive under various circumstances
Defect #3702: Form Builder Uploader should now allow jpeg images to be uploaded when image radio is selected
Defect #3703: Images which do not exist and can not be generated via the image handler now return a 404 error message
Defect #3708: Canonical Urls should now refer to the proper destinations again and not point erroneously to the homepage under certain circumstances
Defect #3709: Implement improved urlhost redirects so that infinite redirect no longer occurs between non-www and www versions of the host
Defect #3721: Fix a bug where if a user does not have access to see the price in the order display it was excluding the whole cart display
Enhancement #3649: The "There are no items in the cart" message needs to be configurable.
Enhancement #3661: Implement the shoutcms wysiwyg adapter for TinyMCE4 wysiwyg
Enhancement #3664: Improved Test Framework
Enhancement #3670: Improve quality of image resizing engine
Enhancement #3671: Frontsite search will positivly match any keyword which begins with any of the words in the search query
Enhancement #3693: Wysiwyg editor should now be consistent between browsers
Enhancement #3694: Add bootstrap 3 carousel browse feature capability to shoutcms
Enhancement #3698: Add multiple display templates for related products to allow for responsive div layout
Enhancement #3704: Improve markup of the div and table layout helpers
Enhancement #3705: Filter the navigation summary of all html tags
Enhancement #3706: Related feature should now include image heights and widths on all image tags
Enhancement #3707: Edge Case Shipping Methods to handle pickup only, free only, no shipping only
Enhancement #3710: Implement enhanced cropping configuration for image handler/renderer
Enhancement #3720: add array-list zf:type to the shout_config_xml to allow for a nonassociative array to be injected into shoutcms
UI #3699: Change the messaging around the bulk delete products in the admin console

Release Notice for 5.8.5.R20140108 

Related issues
Defect #3632: Twitter Tweet Button instructions Broken
Defect #3637: Email validation regex should now have fewer false positives, and let more valid emails through
Defect #3638: Improve handling of the whmcs user and thier passwords
Defect #3643: when going to the cart/checkout shoutcms will now properly forward to the proper ssl domain
Defect #3644: Initial restore date wrong on View History page
Defect #3648: Checkout link after adding a product from category view has a bad link if missing SEF URL
Defect #3659: if security url is manually specified an infinite redirect loop will no longer take place
Enhancement #3629: drop in php-ids code for future evaluation
Enhancement #3635: Add placeholder param to formhelper text input
Enhancement #3636: Disable google on sites until master site functionality exists
Enhancement #3639: Allow advanced inventory to be disabled from the store settings
Enhancement #3640: Add processable interface
UI #3628: Remove active state on home page Bootstrap V3 navigation when in subpages

Release Notice for 5.8.4.R20131119 

Related issues
Defect #3259: fix an issue with the whisper db creation script where a whisper user is being created without a password
Defect #3481: fix issue where legacy constant was being used for contact relationships
Defect #3622: Remove superflous require statement from the form module
Defect #3624: Make the navigation corruption search aware of secure pages
Defect #3625: Failed orders when processed will change thier status back to active
Enhancement #3620: Implement a real-time update of a product's subtotal price as the user changes product options
Enhancement #3623: Add Custom WWW-Authenticate header to our 401 status headers
Enhancement #3626: Member search configuration now uses the security browser
Enhancement #3627: Price Availability, Cart, and Checkout Security access levels

Release Notice for 5.8.3.R20131106 

Related issues
Defect #3616: Unable to submit a support ticket to whmcs from admin console
Defect #3617: If there is a space in the seo friendly url it will cause a blank url to be used in the navigation and that link will goto the homepage
Enhancement #3615: Implement additional product options
Enhancement #3618: tweak the redirect code so that it uses the Shout::redirect function where necessary and use Shout::securityUrl
Enhancement #3619: enable Shout::getDomain to be overridden from config

Release Notice for 5.8.2.R20131101 

Related issues
Defect #3612: Inventory create purchase order functionality was not working

Release Notice for 5.8.1.R20131030 

Related issues
Defect #3603: Fix head reorder pattern matching on html5 header tags
Defect #3604: Fix bug where product default template is not being found and displaying Internal Server Error page
Defect #3605: Fix exception being thrown for CoreModuleController accessing refactored protected property
Defect #3607: user import will now work if the password mapping is not set
Enhancement #3606: Add mysqlishout and mysqlshout drivers and map mysqli and mysql to the them respectivly
Enhancement #3609: Improve module data lookup performance by adding array index by module name
Enhancement #3610: Improve performance of the bootstrap v3 navigation menu tree
Enhancement #3611: Improve image handling performance
QA #3608: Improve xhgui integration with shoutcms debug mode
UI #3602: Fix jQuery dialog positioning

Release Notice for 5.8.0.R20131023 

Related issues
Defect #3127: Problem restoring pages containing long text
Defect #3248: When a wysiwyg editor is edited it does not trigger the form modified message
Defect #3296: fix the dialog boxes in FF so they are centered in the page
Defect #3352: fix html syntax errors
Defect #3450: Clicking on the search icon results in internal error
Defect #3456: harden shoutcms by reducing the number of notices and warnings inside of shoutcms
Defect #3484: improve the delete data without content functionality within the superadmin
Defect #3485: create whmcs user helper does not throw exceptions when the username is already in use
Defect #3503: Tweak the manage admin console resources so that disabled modules do not show their tasks
Defect #3507: reintroduce the padding between super button and its menu upon open
Defect #3509: jquery ui .position() deprecated offset param
Defect #3511: Double clicking on page placement disallows selection
Defect #3515: fix an issue where when trying to pay an invoice the threestep controller has not yet been loaded
Defect #3520: Banner placement behaviour problem
Defect #3526: fix related node data views
Defect #3541: ImageUtil processRequests cannot handle images with spaces in their name
Defect #3544: Banner placement page is crashing
Defect #3545: Order Item Search Grid is missing the order status list in the advanced search
Defect #3553: Google Maps api has a geocode limit of 10 queries per second. Shoutcms needs to adhere to this.
Defect #3571: add page icon to the systempage items in the navigation tree in pages within the Admin Console
Defect #3575: Group Store Settings
Defect #3583: Fix CodeMirror File Managers
Defect #3584: banners are always showing the global set even when they are customized on a page
Defect #3585: multiselect collapse not working
Defect #3586: restyle the adminbar and fix the products/articles buttons
Defect #3587: Fix unsaved changes confirmation popup behaviour when leaving or refreshing a page that has not been changed
Defect #3589: Images do not show up when their extension is in uppercase
Defect #3590: the anything background image carousel is not using the proper dimensions
Defect #3592: Fix exception being thrown where a user is a member of administrator or system and being given access to a module/task that is not active
Defect #3594: Newsletter unsubscribe and Form Submission Email File links do not work
Defect #3595: Infinite redirect loop occurs when the homepage is secured
Defect #3596: unsubscribing a user which no longer exists in the system causes a system error
Defect #3599: support submit ticket dialog is not centered within FF
Defect #3600: remove insecure resources being referenced within the admin console causing security warnings
Enhancement #2262: (Mediashaker)System Only Pages
Enhancement #3037: Add links to the buttons on the dashboard page
Enhancement #3231: Form Element Color Picker
Enhancement #3232: Form Element Font-Face Picker
Enhancement #3233: Form Element File Picker
Enhancement #3234: Form Element File Uploader
Enhancement #3236: Update jquery and jquery ui to the latest version
Enhancement #3242: Image asset management and manipulation major modification
Enhancement #3258: Dialog Element
Enhancement #3281: Add a hover menu to the main modules inside of shoutcms
Enhancement #3292: Add static handleAction for ajax requests
Enhancement #3304: Panel Element
Enhancement #3315: Create a css stylesheet to create an iconset of all the famfamfam silk icons
Enhancement #3317: Form Element Template Set Browser
Enhancement #3375: Improve updater so that it is will run all updates in a folder
Enhancement #3377: Form Builder
Enhancement #3378: Allow form toggle button to toggle more than one target
Enhancement #3398: Remove deprecated constants from init
Enhancement #3399: Move robots.txt routing from .htaccess file to includes/content.php routing
Enhancement #3401: Improve ErrorDebugger phpinfo dump so that the head and body tags are stripped
Enhancement #3455: add a debug backtrace class to help facilitate better debugging messages
Enhancement #3457: modify update/add/modify signature to be (dbHandle, value) instead of (value)
Enhancement #3458: aggressive gallery2 image clean removing image galleries which are no longer linked to a navigable
Enhancement #3459: Make error pages more cohesive within shoutcms and plesk apache
Enhancement #3469: tweak the update patches so that it triggers exceptions instead of returning false
Enhancement #3480: Front site and admin console login recaptcha with failed attempt threshold
Enhancement #3482: password strength indicator
Enhancement #3486: Add feeback option to support dialog
Enhancement #3487: Improve Going Live Work Flow
Enhancement #3488: Purolator as a shipping method on install
Enhancement #3493: Allow Comment Block to be title per page
Enhancement #3494: Add recaptcha to the comments for anonymous submissions
Enhancement #3495: Delay hidden WYSIWYG editors loading until they are shown
Enhancement #3504: Implement Cancel Order and Continue Shopping button within the checkout
Enhancement #3525: shoutcms jquery gallery update to hover show the caption panel
Enhancement #3527: Image renderer can be configured to maintain a aspect ratio when cropping
Enhancement #3528: Improved mini profile button with quick links to multiple locations
Enhancement #3530: Another option for the Contact Registration field set
Enhancement #3537: Enable the ability to preview and customize themes built on different templates
Enhancement #3547: No add to cart if cart is not mutable
Enhancement #3560: Add Google AdSense into the Banners module
Enhancement #3568: Implement repeatable background image for console including console login
Enhancement #3578: allow meta tags and link tags to be injected into admin templates using HTML:: methodsUser
Enhancement #3579: Add bootstrap 3.0.0 as a javascript/css library to shoutcms
Enhancement #3588: Improve core module replacement of include tags in the template
Enhancement #3591: add max depth to the bootstrap V3 responsive navigation menu
Enhancement #3597: Serve unminified resources when in debug mode for easier development
Enhancement #3601: add disable IE compatibility mode meta tag to the backend of shoutcms
QA #3400: Elminate E_RECOVERABLE_ERRORS by declaring methods static and ensuring proper types are being passed into functions
UI #3483: Move the css override styling editor to its own page in the settings area
UI #3499: Square out the corners in the admin backend
UI #3500: New admin dashboard UI
UI #3508: Remove icons from backend buttons where possible
UI #3510: Tweak the structure of the ShoutCMS console section in the backend
UI #3542: Toggle forms on Shout admin login page
UI #3543: Ensure jQuery dialogs in Shout admin backend are centered in screen across browsers
UI #3546: Update user change password strength message helper to be more effective
UI #3556: Settings Dashboard UI Update
UI #3557: Tweak FormBlock collapsible behaviour to expand if url passes along fragment identifier
UI #3566: Remove tag from Contact form
UI #3567: Update admin icons for primary navigation
UI #3570: move Add Group to before Add Contact on the Contacts page within the admin console
UI #3572: tweak the admin console forgot password so it does not show the captcha
UI #3573: tweak the ui of the miniprofile so that the dropdown menu does not shift
UI #3576: Updating NavigationalGallery Interface
UI #3577: Change Add Coupon text to Apply Coupon
UI #3580: tweak the positioning of the password strength message
UI #3581: tweak the cropping behaviour of the gallery
UI #3582: add padding to the wysiwyg editor in the mass mail and transaction email header/footer
UI #3593: Display a better error page when there is an issue with an image in the banners area