Using WebDAV

The ShoutCMS WebDAV interface allows you to edit design resources (JavaScript, CSS) on your site using standalone graphic design tools such as Dreamweaver.

When using WebDAV you can modify both Core site CSS and Override CSS files. The Override CSS definitions (and JavaScript definitions) can also be modified from the Settings area of the Administration Console.

Enabling WebDAV

WebDAV connectivity to ShoutCMS must be enabled through the Settings Area of the Administration console:

  • In the Administration Console, click "Settings".
  • Click the 'Custom CSS and Javascript' option located under "Pages".
  • Check the 'Enable WebDAV' Checkbox access to design resources.
  • Copy the WebDAV URL and Paste it to the WebDAV setting of your design tool (e.g. Dreamweaver, Cyberduck, WinSCP).
  • Instructions for configuring Dreamweaver can be found here.

Any active ShoutCMS Administrator account can be used to log in with WebDAV. After connecting with a WebDAV client, all design files will be accessible as if they were local; all changes are uploaded back to the server. It is also possible to upload new images and fonts.