Tags are keywords or terms, grouped into Tag Categories, that help describe an Article or Product. Once Tags have been configured and enabled, they can make searching for an item on your site much easier. Below are some examples of some commonly used Tags:

Tag Category Tags Suggested Filter Type
Color Red, Green, Blue Checkbox
Price $0-$100, $101-$500, Above $500 Slider, Double Slider
Size Small, Medium, Large Radiobox

Once Tags have been applied to your Articles or Products, you can enable Tag Filters on your Category Groups, which will allow users to search for and filter tagged items.

Applying Tags to an Article or Product

When editing an Article or Product, the Tags tab can be found just above the WYSIWYG editor: Tags Tab

Here, you can apply as many Tags and Tag Categories as you require:

  1. Create a new Article or Product, or open an existing one for editing.
  2. Open the "Tags" tab.
  3. Add or remove Tag Categories as required.
  4. Add or remove Tags as required, pressing Tab or Enter after each one. Type the names of existing Tags to reuse them.
  5. Click "Save" when finished.

Enabling Tag Filters

Once you have added Tags to your Articles or Products, you can enable filters on their Category Groups. Refer to the section on Displaying Categories for more information.