Forms are a method of collecting information from site visitors. A Form consists of input elements such as text boxes, text areas, drop-downs, check-boxes, and radio buttons, and must be attached to a Page or Article (via the Page Options tab) before it can be used.

When a Form is submitted, a "Thank you" message is displayed to the user and a "Form Submission" record is created, which can then be reviewed via the Administration Console. Forms can also be configured to create new Contacts automatically, and add them to a specified Contact Group.

Most of the functions related to Forms can be accessed in the Administration Console by clicking the top-level navigation icon titled "Forms": Forms Icon

Some common uses of Forms are:

  • New Contact registration.
  • Free event registration (if fees are involved, use a Product instead).
  • Resume / Job application submissions.
  • Newsletter signups.
  • Service requests.

This section of the guide will cover the basics of creating a Form, adding it to a Page and managing submissions from site visitors.