Performing Bulk Actions

Performing Bulk Actions on Groups

From the Group Management screen, click the down arrow next to "Modify" for any Group to perform bulk actions: Bulk Actions Dropdown

To perform bulk actions on multiple Groups, check the boxes next to them and use the buttons that appear at the bottom of the list:

Bulk Actions Dropdown

Contacts without an email address will not receive email messages from bulk actions, such as new passwords or invoices.

Send Mass Email

Select this option to send a mass email to the Contacts in the selected group.

Export Contacts

Allows you to export the Contacts in the Group to several different types of file.

Reset and Send Passwords

Generate a random password for each of the Contacts in the group and send it to their email address.

Send Outstanding Invoices

Send a copy of all unpaid invoices for the Contacts in the Group. You will have the opportunity to customize the message before it is sent.

Copy Group

Creates a clone of the selected Group. The new group will have the same properties and members as the original and will have a name based on the date/time it was copied.

Empty Group

Removes all the Contacts from the Group. Emptying groups will not delete the Contacts from your website, the Contacts will only be removed from the groups you have selected.

Add Users to Group

Allows you to add Contacts, from other Group(s), to the selected Group.

Remove Users from Group

Allows you to remove Contacts that belong to other Group(s) from the selected Group.

Delete Group

Removes the selected Group from your website. This will not delete the Group's members but it will remove their membership to the selected Group. Contacts that are left without a Group will automatically be added to a Group called "Contacts without a group".

Performing Bulk Actions on Contacts

Bulk actions can also be performed from the Contact Management screen. Check the boxes next to the Contacts you are working with, then use the buttons that appear at the top and bottom of the list:

Performing Bulk Actions on Contacts

The actions are similar those available to Groups, but affect only the selected Contacts instead of the entire Group.

Importing Contacts

If you have a large contact database that can be exported as a spreadsheet, you should be able to import it using the Contact Import feature:

  1. From the Administration Console, click on the top navigation icon titled "Contacts".
  2. Click the down arrow next to the "Add Contact" button and choose "Import Contacts".
  3. Populate the sample contact spreadsheet with your own data and click "Choose File" to upload it.
  4. Confirm the field mappings.
  5. Configure the advanced import settings.
  6. Select the newsletter subscription status.
  7. Click "Save Contacts" to import the file.

Detailed instructions, as well as a sample import file, are provided during the import process. Use the sample file as a template for your own import and carefully read the instructions for each step.