Creating a Searchable Directory

ShoutCMS provides a premade Members Search Form that is hidden and restricted by default. To make the Form active, you must create a link to it, or make it "Live" so it appears in the Navigation Menu. You can also modify the security settings to make it accessible to more than just Administrators.

Ensure that you are familiar with editing Pages before attempting to activate the "Find a Member" Page.

Activating the Members Search Page

The "Find a Member" Page can be found in the Site-Tree, under Site Misc --> System Page: The Members Search Page

To make the Page accessible:

  1. Click on the "Find a Member" Page in the Site-Tree to modify it.
  2. Change the Placement of the "Find a Member" Page so that it is no longer under the "Site Misc" Page.
  3. If you want the "Find a Member" Page to be visible on the Main Navigation menu, change it's Visiblity to "Live".
  4. Edit the Security of the "Find a Member" Page, if necessary, to make it accessible to the appropriate Contacts.

Modifying the Members Search Page

The "Find a Member" Page can be edited just like any other; Content that is added to it will appear above the search controls. The two Pages located underneath it, "Member Search Results" and "Profile", can be edited in a similar way.

The visibility of fields in the search results can be modified in the Contacts Settings area.

Using the Members Search

Authorized users that visit the "Find a Member" Page will be presented with the following form (along with any content you have added):

Members Search

Once they have submitted their query, the results will be displayed according to the permissions set in the Contacts Settings area.